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Release notes of our latest product updates

Introducing Our Latest Enhancements!

At FMG, we are dedicated to fulfilling our promise of continuous innovation and investment to support the growth of your business and enhance our own. As part of this commitment, we diligently work on improving our content, website platform, and marketing tools throughout the year. We are excited to present a compilation of all the release notes, highlighting the latest updates to our products.

Summer 2024


  • Users with Marketing Suites can now make their contact information downloadable for visitors on their landing pages. Click here to learn more.

Spring 2024


  • For compliance/publisher users only: We've updated the user interface for Publisher Collections and the Collection Create/Edit pages. The new interface includes improved drag-and-drop functionality for easier collection sorting and introduces new requirements for collection images and descriptions.
  • We implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all users with direct login, requiring a One-Time Password (OTP) sent to registered email addresses to enhance account security and align with industry standards.
  • We've updated the Content Library Landing page! The Library Tabs have been redesigned for a more streamlined user experience. Additionally, we've enhanced the visual appeal of the Collection Cards by removing the overlay to make images more vibrant.
    Screenshot 2024-05-17 112202


  • We introduced a collapsible left navigation menu to enhance user experience by maximizing usable screen space.
  • For retail users and users with Instagram approval by compliance, we added the option to display your Instagram profile link icon on your website and email signature. Learn how to add your social media profile links here.


  • We introduced an event parameter "public_id" to our Google Analytics feature to simplify reporting and segmentation. Learn more
  • For compliance/publisher users only: Publisher Admins now have the ability to send reminder emails for automated campaigns to remind subscribers that a scheduled email will be sent soon. Learn more
  • Salesforce and Wealthbox CRM integrations can now support duplicate contacts. This upgrade provides the ability to individually address clients who share an email address for personal messages like Birthday Greetings. Learn more

Winter 2023-2024


  • For compliance/publisher users only: We added a "Scheduled Emails" grid to the top of the "Email Library" page. This grid displays scheduled Publisher Automation emails that need review.
  • The image upload tool has been enhanced for simplicity and user security. 
  • For compliance/publisher users only: We enhanced the Compliance Case History grid with advanced search options, improved navigation features, and user-specific filtering. 
  • We launched an enhanced form library for our users with websites! This update offers fresh options to capture contact requests from website visitors. These forms are designed to seamlessly match branding and come packed with standard validation, security, and anti-spam features. Want to learn how to add forms to your website? Click here!
  • The Social Foundations Campaign Details page got a makeover and upgraded functionality. Learn more here!
  • We are excited to introduce new website sections! This latest update gives users and FMG teams the ability to create modern web pages and layouts effortlessly. Click here to learn more about our sectional editing tools.


  • The Marketing Calendar has received a facelift. While the functionality is the same, this update is a significant step forward in our UI Modernization efforts. 
    Screenshot 2024-01-31 142550-1
  • Admin users now have the ability to block subusers from accessing Automated Marketing tools. Subusers who are blocked from Automated Marketing permissions will not be able to view or make changes to this section in the dashboard. Click here to learn more about sub-users.
    Untitled design (32)-1
  • Email signatures now support "clickable" telephone links. This will also allow viewers on mobile devices to "click" the phone number and be directed to the dialer.
  • We recently updated the Website Header Button editor. Users with websites can now easily select internal pages from their website to link in the Header Button.


  • Our SPF Verification process was updated to support subdomains rather than primary domains. This will improve email deliverability and email open rates for users who complete the SPF Verification process. Learn more

  • We added a "Create Blog Post" option to the left navigation under the Blog tool. This removes unnecessary steps and makes adding a new Blog post easier. Learn more

  • We updated our platform to support high-quality thumbnail images for blog posts. This allows the platform to save thumbnail images in larger dimensions for enhanced appearance and legibility. Learn more

Fall 2023


  • In an effort to streamline and modernize our platform, we made changes to the "Add a Section" Website Editor. This includes a new search feature and updated dialog and icons for better visual representation. Additionally, the "Rotator" section was renamed to "Carousels." Learn more

  • We introduced a new "Contacts" Subuser role. This allows admin users to restrict access to the contacts in the dashboard for subusers. Learn more

  • We updated our "Social Sequence Builder" to allow users to set a "Start Date" for each individual social post in the sequence. Learn more

  • Now the address header will automatically include commas, providing consistency throughout. Additionally, we enhanced the “Contact” page layout by relocating the Address2 field to a separate line and improving the spacing of the entire address section.

Summer 2023


  • The Twitter logo has been updated in the Email Signatures to reflect the latest X brand:


  • We released a feature that allows users to schedule social and email shares on future-dated blog posts. Learn more

  • Users can now select multiple groups when sharing blog posts via email.

  • We've added a new section under "Email" in the left navigation menu called "Your Email Templates," making it easier for users to find and edit this content. We have also introduced a status column on the "Your Email Templates" page to make the compliance status of the templates clear. Learn more


  • We released downloadable Instagram Content. This content is exclusively available to users with a Marketing Suite Premium, Marketing Suite Do It For Me, Elevate, and Attract subscriptions. Learn More


  • Released Form-Triggered Emails that give users the ability to attach custom emails to the "Have a Question" form on their website. Learn More

  • We released an update to our Mobile App's "Write Text For Me" feature. This enhancement brings users three brand-new prompts, each offering a distinct voice and perspective on the article being shared. With these new prompts, users can effortlessly generate captivating captions that perfectly align with their brand identity. Learn More

Spring 2023


  • Improved the Sort Team Members modal for easier sorting of team members.


  • Introduced editable website page slugs, providing users with a hassle-free way to manage custom page URL slugs.

  • Added helpful error messages to the Contacts page to assist in resolving integration issues.


  • Updated integration of Google Maps on Contact & Events pages to the latest version of the Google Maps Embed API.

  • Released an update that will improve the quality of logos and team member photos rendered on websites.

  • Introduced a new feature in the Mobile App incorporating ChatGPT technology, allowing users to generate social post captions for Curator content.

  • Added an emoji tool to the Social Post Scheduler, enabling users to include emojis in their social posts easily.

  • Revamped the Email Send modal with a new interface.

Winter 2022-2023


  • Streamlined content selector for Rotator Slides in the website editor, improving usability.

  • Upgraded Featured Static and Dynamic content selection modals for Boxes and Image sections, now including a filter for topics and types to simplify content discovery.

  • Enhanced the Greeting Card send modal.

  • Redesigned Content Preview modals for a more user-friendly experience.

  • Refreshed Create Events page with a new interface.


  • Implemented an improvement to self-managed compliance, providing alerts when an email is overdue to protect users from sharing outdated content.


  • Introduced Canny, a new FMG feature that enables users to submit feature suggestions or vote on existing requests.

  • Enhanced the Email Builder to support easy video insertion into emails, linking the video thumbnail to a page on your website where it can be played.

Fall 2022


  • Added support for duplicate contacts, allowing multiple contacts with the same shared email address.

  • Introduced an easier way to embed videos from popular platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard) without needing HTML embed codes.


  • Improved Registration Options for Events, now providing the option to allow event registrants to register additional attendees.


  • Added a submenu item, Create Email Template, under the Email menu, allowing users to create, save, and submit email templates for quick sending in the future.

  • Enhanced the Drafts page with search functionality, enabling users to search by content title or type.

Summer 2022


  • Refreshed the look and added a search bar to the Referrals page.

  • Provided total Unsubscribes and Bounces information on the Email > Sent & Scheduled page.


  • Combined scheduled and shared social posts into a single grid for easier management.

  • Combined schedule and sent emails into a unified grid under Email > Sent & Scheduled.

  • Introduced filtering capability to the Email Sent & Scheduled grid and improved layout.


  • Introduced a walkthrough feature for first-time users in the FMG Dashboard.

  • Continued to improve the website editing process by consolidating page actions and adding additional functionality.

Spring 2022


  • Launched a company-wide rebrand, reflecting our fresh and updated identity.

  • Introduced Visual Editing Functionality, enabling real-time editing of webpage content without the need for offline previews or coding.


  • Introduced inline editing for the website builder, enhancing the creation process.

  • Resolved several bugs in the blog editor.

  • Improved Unsubscribe confirmation pages for a unified experience.

  • Clarified instructions and information in the Automated Campaigns builder.


  • Improved social media content display in preview blocks for better user experience.

  • Bug fixes in CSS Editor for websites.

  • Updated action buttons across the FMG platform for clearer actions.

  • Enhanced Content Shuffle tool in the Content Library for easier access and control over specific subjects and content types.

Winter 2021-2022


  • Added Group and Aging filters to Compliance Submissions grid for easier content review.

  • Search functionality was added to the blog page, allowing users to search by title and sort by column.

  • Released the 2022 Annual Tax Guide as a Downloadable in the FMG Content Library.

  • Introduced Burbank, a new exclusive theme for the website builder.

  • Updated the designs of the Birthday Card Campaign for a fresh greeting experience.

  • Released the highly anticipated 2022 Tax Strategies Presentation Kit, a comprehensive 36-slide presentation with detailed talking points and helpful tax strategies.

  • Added Mother's Day and Father's Day to the list of holidays in our Holiday Campaigns.


  • "Shared" tag added to previously shared content in the Content Library.

  • Ability to filter the Curator stream by Professional or Personal interests.

  • Launched the 2022 State of the Markets Event Kit for Attract™ and Elevate™ users, featuring an annual presentation on financial events.

  • State of the Markets Event Template introduced for easy event promotion.

  • Social media and email content for the Lunar New Year added to the Content Library.


  • Updated "Retirement Questions for Educators" whitepaper with relevant information for 2022.

  • Mobile App version 1.1.5 was released, allowing users to create and share original content from their phone's camera roll.

  • Introduced new graphics for Weekly Market Insights with the Weekly Market Insights Banner Kit.

  • Made various improvements to the FMG dashboard for a wider screen display.

Fall 2021


  • Released the year-end 2022 Tax Planning Whitepaper to navigate key tax provisions and changes.

  • Reduced greeting card prices to $2.75/card and offered bulk order discounts.

  • Enhanced CRM integrations with Redtail, Wealthbox, Salesforce, and Ebix Smart Office for better activity syncing.

  • Updated the FMG Mobile App to allow zooming in on social posts.


  • Introduced the Tax Update Conversation Kit for engaging clients and prospects on proposed tax changes.

  • Improved Automated Referral Email Campaign, resulting in a significant increase in total referrals submitted.

  • Added ability to filter paywall articles on Curator.

  • Extended Curator desktop updates to the FMG Mobile App.

  • Expanded the FMG dashboard to fit wide screens for future website editor improvements.


  • Updated the FMG Mobile App with search functionality, social post editing, and content favoriting features.

  • Enhanced Curator feed with category tags and paywall notices.

  • Added support for animated GIFs in emails.

  • Extended LinkedIn integration duration to one year.

Summer 2021


  • Introduced the FMG Mobile App for sharing timely content and managing marketing on the go.

  • Improved the email-building experience with inline editing and a cleaner interface.

  • Enabled creation and editing of past events in the event builder.

  • Updated the Social History page for better visualization of previous posts.


  • Launched the Social Post History page to access past social media posts easily.

  • Improved Email History page with percentage display for open and click rates.

  • Modernized various pages on the FMG platform for a cleaner user interface.


  • Enhanced our Happy Birthday Automated Email Campaign to be more user-friendly and focused on birthdays. Clients will receive a fresh animated GIF and personalized birthday message every year, making it a delightful experience.

  • Improved the website editing tools to have a cleaner interface.

  • Introduced a new inline text editor that closely resembles your website. These updates make editing and customizing your website easier and more intuitive.

  • Updated the Lead Gen Tools allowing you to promote ebooks through pre-designed Google and Facebook ads. You can find these ads in your Content Library under Downloadables, making it convenient to attract leads and expand your reach.

  • Added the ability to download a CSV file containing contact details for the emails you have sent. This makes tracking and following up with your contacts easier, enhancing your conversion process. Simply access your Email History to utilize this feature.

Spring 2021


  • Attract and Elevate subscribers now have access to Lead Magnet Landing Pages. We have created eight beautifully designed, pre-built landing pages that offer lead-gen ebooks in exchange for prospects' contact information. These landing pages are a powerful tool to attract and capture leads effectively.

  • Refreshed the uploader for your website's image sections. Additionally, we have replaced the image uploader in your email tools to support drag-and-drop uploading, image rotation, and sourcing images from various platforms such as Unsplash, URL, Google Drive, Facebook, and Instagram. These updates give you more creative control and streamline the image-uploading process.

  • If you integrate Salesforce contacts with us, you can now organize your contacts into groups in your FMG dashboard, making it easier to target specific customer cohorts.


  • Released a Financial Memes Social Sequence! This social media sequence adds a lighthearted touch to your posts, engaging your clients and prospects in a fun way. Memes can be a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and making your content more shareable.

  • Updated the Image Section with our latest image upload toolset, supporting drag-and-drop uploading, image rotation, and sourcing images from various platforms. Additionally, your Inbox has received a modern layout and improved functionality, including search functionality and detailed contact views. We have also added the page URL source, providing information about the form's location.

  • Updated the Inbox to include a modern layout, search functionality, and the ability to view the contact's details. We also added the page URL source, which tells you where the form is located.

  • If you are a website editing and CSS pro, you'll appreciate our new Page-Specific CSS Style feature. It allows you to style a specific page without affecting other pages on your website. Access this feature in the advanced settings under Custom CSS at the bottom of your page editor.


  • Released our newest lineup of Lead Generation Magnets! Exclusively for our Attract and Elevate subscribers, we've released eight new ebooks you can use in popups or section forms on your website.

  • Updated our Connect Social Sites page with improved aesthetics and functionality. Now you can easily see a social network profile's compliance approval status and whether your connection is invalid or expired. Plus, each social media integration is now submitted to compliance separately, so if one gets rejected, it won't affect your other integrations.

Winter 2020-2021



  • Added new card greeting card designs to the Greeting Card Library, including upcoming holidays like St Patrick's Day and Easter.

  • Updated our Greeting Card Sending Wizard to allow users to type in a custom message and preview it before sending.

  • The tax calendar system page has been updated for 2021, so your clients can stay informed on their tax deadlines. Check out this example on our demo website.

  • Refreshed the look and updated the functionality of the Email History page, making it easier to search for contacts.


  • Updated the Email History page to include the functionality to sort contacts to see who has opened or clicked on an email.

  • Released a Social Share Image Uploader to allow users to choose the displayed image easily.

  • Updated our Redtail CRM integration to include faster syncing.

  • Updated our CRM integrations to support contacts without email addresses.

Fall 2020


  • Added a Veterans Day holiday greeting to the Automated Holiday Email Campaign.

  • Updated our 2021 Tax Planning whitepaper to include recent changes to the tax code due to the CARES Act and other COVID-19 legislation.

  • Released a fresh batch of seven new holiday image social posts you can share to commemorate Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Hanukkah, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Valentine's Day.

  • Created a new, AI-powered web accessibility tool to make your site fully accessible and compliant with ADA rules. Learn how our latest tool, Accessibility Lock, can protect your brand.

  • Updated the Weekly Market Insights commentary to include several design updates. It now includes tips, a photo of the week, and a riddle.

  • Added Get Well Soon greeting cards to the Content Library.


  • Updated our Social Post Editor so that the line breaks are reflected correctly.


  • Added the ability to edit a scheduled social post right from the social post scheduler without deleting and reposting.

  • Updated our Social Sequence previews to display all images in the post.

  • Released an integration with Canva that will allow users to design a social post image within FMG! Read all about it here.

  • Our Content team has pivoted to creating more Timely Content for you to share with your contacts. Because of this ramp-up in production, it's become harder to see what's truly "new" and timely in the Content Library. Beginning this month, the "new" label will only display for 30 days from the published date, giving you a better idea of what’s fresh.

Summer 2020


  • Improved our Happy Birthday Greeting Card automated campaign allowing users to send cards to multiple groups of contacts.

  • Launched an improved anti-spam filter to prevent SPAM submissions more efficiently.

  • Launched a new quarterly webinar series, Ask Me Anything.


  • Added the ability to link a button directly to a file. Now users can add a button section to an email and link to a .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx, .zip, or .mp4.

  • Connected Web Content (articles, videos, infographics, etc.) to the Social Post Scheduler.

  • Added the ability to connect a company page for LinkedIn to your social media. Now users can integrate their personal page and their company page.


Our tradition of pushing ourselves to innovate has been part of our culture since the beginning. If you have a suggestion or an improvement that's valuable to you, we'd love to hear it. We read and discuss every email sent to Please feel free to drop us a note anytime.