What’s new around here?

When you purchased FMG, you also purchased a promise. We promised to innovate and invest in helping you grow your business by getting better at ours, and that’s a promise we work to keep every single day.

In case you missed them, we’ve gathered all the release notes we’ve made about improvements to your content, website platform, and marketing tools over the past year. Dive on in and see what product updates we've made.

Fall 2022


  • We released a new feature that allows you to easily embed a video on your website without using an HTML embed code. Now you can easily embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and Vidyard, with the video page URL.


  • We released an improvement to Registration Options for an Event. Now you have the option to allow event registrants to register additional attendees.


  • We added the new submenu item, Create Email Template, located under the Email menu. From here, you can create, save, and submit email templates to compliance so they can be pre-approved for quick sending in the future.

  • Your Drafts page now contains search functionality, allowing you to search by content title or type. We've also labeled each draft with a content type and the date the draft was saved.

Summer 2022


  • We updated the look and added a search bar to the Referrals page.

  • On the Email > Sent & Scheduled page, you can now see the total number of Unsubscribes and Bounces that came from each email send. Just hover over the percentages to view the total numbers.


  • We combined scheduled and shared social posts into one grid, located on the left navigation of the tool under Social > Shared & Scheduled.

  • Similar to social improvements, we also combined schedule and sent emails in one grid, which resides on the left navigation under Email > Sent & Scheduled.

  • We added filtering capability to the Email Sent & Scheduled grid. Now you can take a look at how emails performed, or see those in review or scheduled to send. We also did some renaming, de-cluttering and overall layout improvements to the grid.


  • We added a new walkthrough feature for first-time users when they log in to the FMG Dashboard.

  • We continued to make improvements to the website editing process, by consolidating page actions into a single drop-down and adding additional functionality.

Spring 2022


  • We launched our company-wide rebrand! Take a look around our website and Mobile App to see what's changed.

  • We released Visual Editing Functionality (inline web editing). Website customers can now edit webpage content in real-time, with no need to preview or edit offline, while still maintaining the ability to create new designs and sections without any coding required. You can see website changes before they are made, saving time and effort!


  • We launched inline editing to our website builder, which allows for a much more visually appealing creation process.

  • We squashed a few bugs in our blog editor.

  • We reworked how we handle Unsubscribe confirmation pages to unify the experience for quality assurance.

  • We clarified a few bits of information and pieces of instruction in our Automated Campaigns builder.

Winter 2022


  • We enhanced the way that social media content displays in preview blocks to further improve upon ease of use.

  • We squashed a few bugs in our CSS Editor for websites.

  • We updated a few action buttons across the FMG platform for action clarity.

  • We updated the Content Shuffle tool within the Content Library to allow for easier access and clearer controls over certain subjects and types of content.


  • We added Group and Aging filters to our Compliance Submissions grid to make it easier for compliance officers reviewing content.

  • Your blog page now contains search functionality, allowing you to search by title and sort by column, making it easier to locate previous posts.

  • We published several social media posts for Black History Month to our Content Library.

  • We released our 2022 Annual Tax Guide as a Downloadable in the FMG Content Library.

  • We released Burbank, a new exclusive theme for our website builder.

  • We gave a suite update to the designs of our Birthday Card Campaign to ensure your clients get a fun, fresh greeting on their birthday.

  • Our highly anticipated 2022 Tax Strategies Presentation Kit is now available.

    • This 36-slide presentation comes with detailed talking points that will engage your clients and provide them with helpful tax strategies.

  • We added Mother's Day and Father's Day to the list of holidays in our Holiday Campaigns.


  • You will now see a "Shared" tag on content that you have already shared from the Content Library.

  • We have added the ability to filter your Curator stream by Professional or Personal interests.

  • The highly-anticipated 2022 State of the Markets Event Kit is now live for our Attract™ and Elevate™ users! This annual presentation is ideal for keeping your clients up-to-date, engaged, and educated on the previous year's financial events.

    • We make promoting this event easy with our State of the Markets Event Template! This event template includes pre-written content and matching imagery, as well as promotional email and social sequences.

  • Social Media and Email content for the Lunar New Year has been added to the Content Library.


  • The "Retirement Questions for Educators" whitepaper has been updated with relevant information for 2022 and can be accessed through Downloadables in your Content Library.

  • Our Mobile App helps you discover and share quality, timely content – and now in Version 1.1.5, you can create and share original content across your social networks right from your phone’s camera roll!

  • We have introduced new graphics to support our Weekly Market Insights. The new Weekly Market Insights Banner Kit includes 3 sets of unique banners to choose from — jump into the Downloadables section in your Content Library to check it out!


  • As the end of the year approaches, it's time for your clients to consider strategies that can help them reduce their tax bill. We’ve created this year-end 2022 Tax Planning Whitepaper to navigate key provisions and changes in tax law.

  • Just in time for the holidays! Greeting cards prices are now just $2.75/card. And the more the merrier because bulk orders of 20+ cards are $2.25/card!

  • Do you have a CRM integration with Redtail, Wealthbox, Salesforce, or Ebix Smart Office? If so, your integration just got better! Each time a website form is completed, an email is sent, or a contact opts out of your emails, an activity is published to your CRM. It’s all in sync!

  • We’re still on a roll with Mobile App updates. Now, you can zoom in on any social posts on the app so you can quit the smartphone squint!


  • Need a conversation starter? You'll love our Tax Update Conversation Kit. It's the perfect way to proactively engage your clients and prospects on how the proposed tax changes might impact them. In the kit, you'll find a summary infographic, PowerPoint presentation, and six social media posts you can use to leverage curiosity into one-on-one meetings.

  • Getting valuable referrals have never been easier! The recent improvements we made to Attract and Elevate's Automated Referral Email Campaign resulted in a 234% increase in total referrals submitted! This campaign is on a roll, so be sure to switch it on and watch the referrals flood in when it goes out again next quarter.

  • Opt to avoid paywall articles on Curator with our new ability to filter content that may require a subscription to view.

  • Many of the Curator desktop updates have made their way to the Mobile App. Mobile users can rate content for improved curation and apply the same paywall filter as desktop users.

  • We've gone full-width! The FMG dashboard now fits your wide screen, which will allow for future website editor features. (Hint: stay tuned for more improvements to your website editor!)

Fall 2021


  • Are you loving our brand new Mobile App? You'll really fall for it with our latest improvements. You can search for FMG-created social posts and emails, edit social posts, and "favorite" content to use in the future.

  • Curator is now even easier to use! The feed includes new category tags to show which of your interests the content is coming from, and a paywall notice for content that might require a membership.

  • Give your emails extra zest with newly-supported, animated GIFs. These moving images are a great way to add some fun to your campaigns and grab your reader's attention.

  • Your LinkedIn integration used to expire after 60 to 90 days, but not anymore. With our most recent update, you can now look forward to maintaining your LinkedIn integration for an entire year..


  • The Mobile App is here! Share timely content from wherever you are, and manage your marketing in minutes. Make sure to enable notifications so you can get the latest headlines when they drop!

  • Building emails is now easier than ever. With inline editing and a cleaner interface, you'll get a better idea of what your actual email looks like while you're building it.

  • Ready for a blast from the past? You can now create and edit past events in your event builder so you can show prospects what you’ve been up to. This is especially cool if you have pictures from the event to share!

  • Sometimes you have to look into the past to see the future. The latest improvement to the social history page lets you see your previous posts just how they look on your social media pages, helping you visualize how future posts will fit into your feed.


  • We released a new Social Post History page that makes viewing your past social media posts a breeze! You can view your sent posts, see which networks you posted to, and which source generated the social content.

  • We’ve updated the Email History page so open and click rates are displayed as percentages, making it easier to track email engagement. Want to see the total numbers? Just hover over the percentages.

  • Our team has been busy modernizing the FMG platform. You'll notice many pages—including the Website Design, Blog Introduction, and Website Settings pages—have gotten updates. We've made subtle changes and improved page layouts for a cleaner user interface.

Summer 2021

Want to see all the improvements from this quarter at a glance? Watch the recorded webinar here.


  • You can have your cake and eat it too! Thanks to your feedback, we've made our Happy Birthday Automated Email Campaign more straightforward and birthday-focused. And there’s no leftover cake here: your clients will receive a fresh animated GIF and birthday message every year.

  • Your website editing tools have gotten a makeover. We've modernized our existing editor by creating a lighter, cleaner user interface, and released a more modern inline text editor that resembles your website.

  • The Lead Gen Tools included in your Attract or Elevate subscription have also gotten an update. We've created Lead Gen Ads so you can promote ebooks to the world with pre-designed Google and Facebook ads. Find them in your Content Library under Downloadables.

  • How do you convert a prospect? It's all about the follow-up. Now you can download a CSV containing contact details for sent emails, making it easier to follow up with your contacts. Just head over to your email history to follow through with your email recipients..


  • Ready to up your game? Attract and Elevate subscribers now have a new content type to help generate more leads: Lead Magnet Landing Pages. We’ve created eight beautiful, pre-built pages that offer lead gen ebooks in exchange for a prospect’s contact information.

  • Last month, we refreshed the uploader for your website's image sections. As promised, we also replaced the image uploader in your email tools to now support drag-and-drop uploading, rotating images, and sourcing images from Unsplash, a URL, Google Drive, Facebook, or Instagram. Go get creative!

  • If you integrate Salesforce contacts with us, you can now organize your contacts into groups in your FMG dashboard, making it easier to target specific customer cohorts.


  • Do you even meme? If you’re ready for some humor in your marketing (and who isn’t these days), check out our new Financial Memes Social Sequence! It’s sure to bring some fun to your social media posts and can help you engage with clients and prospects in a lighthearted way.

  • Our Image Section now uses our latest image upload toolset that supports drag-and-drop uploading, rotating images, and sourcing images from Unsplash, a URL, Google Drive, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • Check out your new Inbox, which now includes a modern layout, search functionality, and the ability to view the contact's details. We also added the page URL source, which tells you where the form is located.

  • Are you a website editing and CSS pro? Now you can style a specific page without affecting other pages on a website with our new Page-Specific CSS Style. Find it at the bottom of your page editor in the advanced settings under Custom CSS.

Watch a recorded webinar recapping the Summer 2021 improvements.

Spring 2021

Want to see all the improvements from this quarter at a glance? Watch the recorded webinar here.


  • Want to know how to attract highly qualified leads? “Pull them in” with our newest lineup of Lead Generation Magnets! For Attract and Elevate subscribers, we've released eight new ebooks that you can use in popups or section forms on your website.

  • We gave our "Connect Social Sites" page a major facelift! Not only does the new page look better, but it also functions better. Now, when you integrate your social media account, you can easily see its compliance approval status and whether your connection is invalid or expired. Plus, each social media integration is now submitted to compliance separately, so if one gets rejected, it won't affect your other integrations.


  • Ready for the next step in automated marketing? Now you can schedule a series of social posts and emails with just one click using Email and Social Sequences. Social sequences are a great way to show your personality, while email sequences allow you to connect regularly and deeply with your clients. Head on over to your Content Library and try these new content types out for yourself.

  • Our goal is to save you time and money by making it as easy as pie to stay in front of your clients and prospects. Along with launching our Email and Social Sequences features, we've created four new pre-written email sequences and one new pre-written social sequence. You may still have to lift a finger or two, but with these ready-to-use sequences, you'll have less to do.


  • Looking for a greeting card for special occasions, holidays, or just because? We've just added a bunch of new card designs to your greeting card library, including upcoming holidays like St Patrick's Day and Easter.

  • Not only did we add a ton of fun greeting cards to your content library, but we also updated your Greeting Card Sending Wizard! Now, when you type in your custom message, you can preview exactly how it will appear inside your card.

  • New year, new tax calendar! Your tax calendar system page has been updated for 2021, so your clients can stay informed on their tax deadlines. Check out this example on our demo website.

  • Your email history page got a much-needed modern refresh. Along with its improved look, we've updated its functionality so you can now search the list of contacts with ease.

Winter 2020

Want to see all the improvements from this quarter at a glance? Watch the recorded webinar here.


  • Have you been sending emails and wondering if your contacts have been interacting with them? Now, you can quickly check who's opened or clicked on an email by sorting them on your email history page.

  • When sharing pages from your website, it’s essential to select the right image to display on social media. That image tells the viewer what they can expect if they click on your post. We’ve released a Social Share Image Uploader to let you choose the image you want more easily.

  • We’ve updated our CRM integration with Redtail! The older version of the integration caused some syncing errors along with slow data downloading. Going forward, you’ll see a smoother ride and faster syncing.

  • Also, CRM integrations can now support contacts without email addresses. Previously, every contact needed a valid email address, which was a problem for those who only wanted to send a greeting card. Problem solved!


  • We added a Veterans Day holiday greeting to celebrate and thank our veterans. For those using the Automated Holiday Email Campaign, this infographic went out on November 10th. Our content team is extra proud of this one.

  • We've updated our 2021 Tax Planning whitepaper to include recent changes to the tax code due to the CARES Act and other COVID-19 legislation. You can use the whitepaper to help clients make end-of-year tax preparations. You can find this piece in the FMG Content Library under Downloadables.

  • The holidays are upon us! We prepared a fresh batch of 7 new holiday image social posts you can share to commemorate Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Hanukkah, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Valentine's Day.

  • FMG is committed to inclusivity, and we are continuously taking steps to improve your website to meet web accessibility guidelines. We've created a new, AI-powered web accessibility tool to make your site fully accessible and compliant with ADA rules. Learn how our latest tool, Accessibility Lock, can protect your brand.

  • The Weekly Market Insights commentary got a makeover! We've added several design updates to make this piece stand out. It now includes tips, a photo of the week, and a riddle. Log in each Monday, delete any sections you don't want to keep, edit the copy if you want, and send in minutes. It’s a great way to keep in touch.

  • We've added Get Well Soon greeting cards to our content library to help you send someone your support and well-wishes if they’re under the weather. Choose from one modern or two traditional designs.


  • We were losing some formatting in user-created custom social posts. Our product pros released an update so that line breaks are correctly reflected in the social post editor. Plus, you'll receive a warning when you've run out of characters: a very helpful feature if you tend to overshare!

  • A new video titled "Encore Careers: Push Your Boundaries” is now available in the FMG content library. This video features some suite animation with a group of friends exploring new adventures in their post-retirement lives.

Fall 2020


  • Need to make a change to a previously scheduled social post? You can now edit a scheduled social post right from the social post scheduler without deleting and reposting. Head to Social >> Post on Social Media to check it out!

  • Feel like you're not getting the complete picture when setting up a Social Sequence? Now Social Sequence previews will display all images in the post so you can see what your followers will see.

  • If you've been seeking a way to take your social posts to the next level, have we got a new tool for you! This month, we released an integration with Canva that will allow you to design a social post image within FMG! Read all about it here.

  • Over the last six months or so, our Content team has pivoted to creating more Timely Content for you to share with your contacts. Because of this ramp-up in production, it's become harder to see what's truly "new" and timely in the Content Library. Beginning this month, the "new" label will only display for 30 days from the published date, so you have a better idea of what’s fresh.


  • Did you know that September is the busiest month of the year for birthdays? And that, according to Time Magazine, September 9th is the most popular birthday of the whole year? Just in time for this fall influx of birthdays, we've improved our Happy Birthday Greeting Card automated campaign that allows you to send cards to multiple groups of contacts. Activate this campaign today and bring on the birthdays – you're ready!

  • Email SPAM bots have been upping their game, but they can’t outsmart our product pros. This month, we launched an improved anti-spam filter to prevent SPAM submissions more efficiently. We’re also launching a tool to easily block spammers for good.

  • Last month, we launched a new quarterly webinar series, Ask Me Anything. We wanted to know – what questions do advisors have about the FMG tools? If you didn't catch it live, check out the replay! The next AMA webinar will take place in October so start thinking of your questions now!


  • Another month, another improvement to our email tools. This month, we've added the ability to link a button to a file directly. Add a "Button" section to your next email and link to a .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx, .zip or .mp4. The possibilities are (nearly) endless!

  • We've connected Web Content (articles, videos, infographics, etc.) to the Social Post Scheduler! To use, visit the Content Library and click Web Content. Choose a content piece and share it on Social Media. Sprinkle in any edits you wish and schedule the post to send now or in the future!

  • For the cherry on top, we've added the ability to connect a Company Page for LinkedIn to your social media! Now, integrate your personal page and your company page and, if you choose to post to LinkedIn, we will post to all of your integrated pages for you. Super suite!

Our tradition of pushing ourselves to innovate has been part of our culture since the very beginning. If you have a suggestion or an improvement that’s valuable to you, we’d love to hear it. We read and discuss every email sent to feedback@fmgsuite.com so please, drop us a note anytime.

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