​Sharing Your Blog Posts

How to share your blog posts via email and social media

Sharing your blog posts is an essential part of increasing your blog's readership and driving traffic to your website. Our platform makes it easy for you to share your unique blog content on social media and with your contacts via email.

In this article, we'll cover:

Sharing a Published Blog Post

To share your published blog post:

  1. Navigate to Blog Posts

    To share an approved blog post, first, navigate to Blog > Blog Posts. Here, you will see a list of all your completed blog posts.


  2. Click "Actions" and then "Share"

    Once you have located the post you'd like to share on social media or via email, click "Actions" and then "Share" next to the post. This will open our sharing wizard, which will allow you to choose how you'd like to share your content.


  3. Sharing the Blog Post

    The sharing wizard will allow you to choose which social media networks to share to and/or share the blog via email. Click the "Share" button in Step 3 to share your blog post.

Tip: Use Content Gating to Generate Leads

If you're looking to generate leads, consider using the content gating feature that's available with certain subscriptions. You can use this feature to "gate" your blog post for visitors who arrive via social media. This means that visitors will need to provide their contact information before they can access your post. By enabling content gating and sharing your post on social media, you can transform your blog into a powerful tool for lead generation. To learn more about our page gating feature, click here.

Sharing a Blog Post Through the Creation Process

To share a blog post when creating it:

  1. After creating the blog content, click "Publish":


    Once you click on "Publish," your blog will be posted on your website according to the chosen post date. The sharing wizard will then appear, and if you decide not to share your blog on social media or via email, click "Nevermind" to close the wizard.


  2. Sharing the Blog Post

    To share your blog post, use the sharing wizard to select the social media networks you want to share on and/or share via email. Click the "Share" button located in Step 3 to share your blog post.