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How to access and share social sequences from the Content Library

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FMG's Content Library is full of pre-made content ready for use. A social sequence is a themed set of social posts that will automatically post to your social networks once scheduled. This feature makes engaging with your audience on social media effortless.

How to Share Social Sequences

Before you begin, ensure you have integrated the social media profiles you'd like to share to.

To access and share agency-created social posts:

  1. Accessing Social Sequences

    To access social sequences, log in to your FMG admin account and navigate to Content Library > Social Posts.

  2. Sorting and Filtering for Social Sequences

    1. Sort: You can sort by type to view social sequences. You can also sort the content by title or author.

    2. Filters: Use the Filters dropdown menu to filter for the content type social sequences.

  3. Exploring and Selecting a Social Sequence to Share

    To learn more about a specific social sequence, click the content title or "Details." Here you will see a short description, preview image, and keywords associated with the piece.

    When you're ready to share a social sequence, click "Use."

  4. Preview and Edit Social Sequence

    • Preview Post: Click "Preview Post" to preview each social post

    • Down Arrow Icon: Move the social post down

    • Pencil Icon: Edit the social post

    • Trash Icon: Remove the social post from the social sequence

    • Number: You can edit the wait period between sends (in days)

  5. Schedule Social Sequence

    1. Schedule Social Sequence: When you're ready to share the social sequence, click "Send Sequence."

    2. Choose Social Sites: Toggle on which social profiles you would like to share the social sequence to.

    3. Choose Post Date:

      • Your Post Will Be Shared Right Away: Your social post will be sent as soon as it's approved by compliance.

      • Schedule A Future Date: Your post will be shared on the day and time you choose.

    4. Confirm Details: Double-check your details to make sure everything looks okay. Click "Post Sequence" to schedule your social sequence.

  6. View Your Shared & Scheduled Social Sequences

    To view your shared and scheduled social sequences, navigate to Social > Shared & Scheduled. Here you can view previously shared social posts as well as scheduled social posts. For scheduled social posts, you have the option to edit or cancel the social post.

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