Email | Sent & Scheduled

How to review your custom and campaign email history

Your Sent & Scheduled Emails page shows previously sent custom emails, campaign emails, and any pending or scheduled custom emails.

To view your Sent & Scheduled Emails, navigate to Email >>Sent & Scheduled in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard:


Here is an overview of the Sent & Scheduled Emails page:

  • Send Date: This shows the send date of the email

  • Subject: This is the Subject Line of the email. For any sent emails, you can click on this to see more information about who received and viewed your emails*

  • Status: This is the status of the email.

    • Custom emails may show scheduled send dates or pending compliance approval statuses.

    • Campaign emails will only appear here once sent. If your email is still pending compliance approval or is scheduled to be sent later, you can still edit your email.

    • Click here for more details on custom email statuses.

  • Metrics: This shows how many contacts were sent, opened, and clicked on your email. The open and click rates are displayed as percentages. Would you like to see the total numbers? Just hover over the percentages

*Here, you will see the details of the email that was sent:

  • Download .CSV: This report is easy to interact with, so you can organize your list by who opened each email

  • View PDF: View a PDF of the email that was sent

  • View: Preview the email that was sent

  • Search: You can search the list of contacts using this search field

    Click here to learn about automated campaign performance.