Canva is a free online design tool that provides users with a library of images that can be customized and downloaded to use in social posts, emails, and web pages.

FMG Suite has added an easy way to access and download content from Canva to our Social Post Scheduler so you can quickly and easily create eye-catching graphics for your social feeds.

Getting Started

To use Canva, you'll need to create a free account. If you don't currently have an account, you can easily create one after clicking "Design an Image" from the Social Post Scheduler:

Heads up! After creating an account, check your email - you may
need to confirm your email address!

Using Canva

Once you have created an account, you're ready to browse, select, and design graphics in Canva!

Starting From a Template

Canva has a large library of templates that give you a great starting point for your social posts!

Simply choose a template and start customizing! You can edit anything and everything on a template:

  • Copy

  • Font size and style

  • Background colors and images

Starting from Scratch

Want to build your own graphic? Have at it!

Watch the video below for a brief demo of what it looks like to create a graphic in Canva from scratch:


Looking for help using Canva? Look no further!

You can visit Canva's Help Center or access their Knowledge Base by using the "Help" button inside their module:

Love this tool! How can I create other kinds of images, to be used outside of my social feeds?

Now that you've created a Canva account, you can login directly to Canva and browse their enormous selection of different templates and graphic types.

Do I have to pay extra to use this feature with my FMG Suite tools?

Nope! If you have access to our Social Post Scheduler, then you have the Canva designer included. If you have questions about what products are included with your subscription, please contact our customer support team at 858-251-2420.

Canva is asking me to upgrade, do I have to pay to use Canva?

You absolutely do not have to pay for Canva! You do need to create an account with them to use this feature, but they have a free plan. Their free plan includes a ton of features that lets you accomplish a lot without having to upgrade. If you're interested in learning what's included with your free Canva plan or upgrading to a paid plan, you can check out their pricing here.

Where can I get additional stock images to use in my template?
Canva has a great library of stock photos you can use for your designs. Navigate to the "Photos" tab to browse their collection of photos:

If you're not finding an image that works for you in Canva, you'll want to avoid using images from Google for your social media images because you don't own the rights to use them. If you don't have your own images to use, there are some free online stock photo libraries you can browse such as Pexels or Pixabay. These sites allow you to use their images free-of-charge, without having to credit the photographer. If you use your own stock photo library, just make sure you can use the images without credit and for commercial use.

What if I want to edit a social media image I designed from Canva?

Once you click "Publish" in Canva and the image is inserted into your Social Post Scheduler, your image cannot be edited again. If you need to make an edit, you will have to delete the image you created and re-create your image. We recommend you proofread the text and double check there's proper spacing in your graphic before publishing your image.

I'm unable to create an account - what does this error message mean?

To create a Canva account, you need to enable cookies in your browser.

Here's how to enable cookies in various browsers:

Heads up! Canva will not work on Internet Explorer.
This service does not support that browser.

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