How to Set Up Form-Triggered Emails

Form-triggered emails are a powerful tool that allows you to customize and control the email sent to website visitors when they complete a "Have a Question" form on your website. This feature is available on specific subscriptions, including:

  • Website Suite Premium + Marketing Suite Essential

  • Website Suite Premium + Marketing Suite Premium

  • Website Suite Premium + Marketing DIFM

  • Attract

  • Elevate

This article will guide you through the process of creating and attaching a form-triggered email to your form, ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors.

Step 1: Create the Email Template

To create the email template that you’d like to have triggered when someone completes your form:

  1. In your FMG admin, navigate to Email > Create Email Template.


  2. Create the email content that you want to send to the website visitor who completes the form.


  3. Before sending your email template to compliance, you can click the “Preview Email” or “Send a Test Email” button to preview the email and make any necessary changes. You can also save your email as a draft and come back to it later by clicking the “Save Template” button.


  4. Once your email template is complete, click “Publish Template” to send it to compliance.

Step 2: Add the "Have a Question" Form to Your Page

To add a “Have a Question” form section to a page on your website:

  1. Navigate to Website > Pages, and open the page that you'd like to add the form to:


  2. Click "+ Add Section" on a new or existing page:


  3. In the "Add a New Section" modal that opens, click "Form" in the left menu bar, select the “Have A Question” form, and add the section to your page.


  4. Click on the form section to edit the form. These are the items that you are able to edit:

    • Headline

    • Text Field Header Options:

      • Additional Info

      • Comments

      • Feedback

      • Message

      • Question

    • Button Text


    You can also click on the gear icon to customize the layout, background, text, and button.

Step 3: Attach the Approved Email Template to the Form

Once compliance has approved your email template, you can proceed to attach it to the form.

  1. In your FMG admin, navigate to and open the page with the form.


  2. Hover over the form and click the “Form Follow-up” icon:

    formtriggeremail (1)


  3. Select the approved email template from the list of available email templates:



  4. Click “Publish” to send your changes to compliance.

Once the page is approved by compliance, the form and email will be available on your website.