To give someone else access to your persona admin, in your FMG admin, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select "Users":

On this page, you can:

  1. Add a new user: To add a new user, click the "Add User" button,* and you'll be taken to a form requesting the following details:

    1. Name: Enter your new user's name. This will appear on the top right-hand corner when they log into the admin.

    2. Email: This will be the email address to which notifications are sent, including the invitation to log into the admin.

    3. Username: Ideally, this is the same as the email address above, but it does not have to be. It's just easier to remember that way!

    4. Access: Here, you can decide what parts of the admin this user will have access to. The admin can only adjust these settings on the account

    5. Notifications: Select "Allow email notifications" to include this user on emails about activities in your admin

    Clicking "Save" on this page will trigger an email address to the new user, with a link to create a password and get them logged in to your admin.

  2. Update the settings for an existing user: To update a user's email address, username, or permissions, click on the user's name or username

  3. Set Password: To reset your password click the "Set Password" button next to your name

  4. Remove a user: To remove a user click the "Remove" button next to the user's name

  5. Reinvite a user: To resend an invitation to another user, click the "Reinvite" button. This will trigger an email to that user

*Note: Only the admin (the primary contact) on the account will see the "Add User" option. If you are not currently listed as the admin on the account, you can reach out to our Service team to get a new user added to your account. 

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