Creating and Accessing Custom Prewritten Email Templates

How to save a frequently used email as a template for future emails

Email Templates allow you to save copies of the emails you find yourself sending most often, giving you a head start whenever you need to send one of these messages. 

Creating a Custom Prewritten Email Template

  1. To save an email as a Prewritten Email template, navigate to Email > Your Email Templates:


  2. Here, you will see a list of the email templates you created. Click the "Create a Template" button to create a new template:

    • Save Template: Save your email to the Library.

    • Publish Template: Submit your email template to compliance so it's pre-approved and ready for the next time you'd like to use it.

Another way to save an email as a Prewritten Email Template is in the last step of the sending process. Click the checkbox next to "Think you might send this email again? Save it as a template for future use:"

Sending Your Custom Prewritten Email Template to Compliance

After you elect to save your custom email as a prewritten email template, the next step is to send it to compliance.

  1. Locate your Email Template by navigating to Email > Your Email Templates:


  2. Locate the custom prewritten email template that you saved, and click "Edit":


  3. Make any edits necessary to the email template, and click "Publish Template" to send your email template to compliance.

    Note: An edit must be made to the email template to activate the "Save Template" and "Publish Template" buttons.

Accessing Your Custom Prewritten Email Templates

After you've created a custom Prewritten Email Template, you can access it in one of three ways:

  1. Navigating to Your Email Templates in the left navigation menu

  2. Browse Email Library when composing an email

Your Email Templates

Once you save your Prewritten Email as a template, it will be available in the "Your Email Template" section in the left-nav:

From here, you can send or edit your existing templates.

Browse Email Library

You can access your Prewritten Email Templates when composing an email:

  1. Navigate to Email > Send Email:


  2. To browse our Prewritten Emails, click the "Browse Email Library" button on the right-hand corner of the Custom Email Builder:


  3. To filter for your own Prewritten Email Templates, click Authors and select "You":


Emails Section of the Content Libary

You can access your Prewritten Email Templates in the Content Library:

  1. Navigate to the Content Library by clicking Content Library in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard:


  2. Click Emails:


  3. Open the Filters dropdown menu, and under Authors, click "You":