Our Prewritten Email feature allows you to save copies of the emails you find yourself sending most often, giving you a head start whenever you need to send one of these messages. 

Creating a Custom Prewritten Email Template

  1. To save an email as a Prewritten Email template, navigate to Email >>Create Email Template:

  2. Here, you can create your custom email template:

    • Save Template: Save your email to the Library.

    • Publish Template: Submit your email template to compliance so it's pre-approved and ready for the next time you'd like to use it.

Another way to save an email as a Prewritten Email Template is in the last step of the sending process. Click the checkbox next to "Think you might send this email again? Save it as a template for future use.":

Accessing a Custom Prewritten Email Template

Once you save your Prewritten Email as a template, it will be available in the "Browse Prewritten Email" section in the Custom Email Builder:

You will see your Custom Prewritten Email Templates in the Prewritten Emails modal with these options:

  • Select: Start a new email using the selected prewritten email template

  • Edit: Edit the master copy of the email template. You will not have the option to send the email while editing, only to save your changes

  • Delete: Delete the prewritten email template

Note: Prewritten Emails are not pre-approved by compliance. Each time you start from a Prewritten Email, the email must be approved by compliance before it is sent.

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