How to Use Downloadables

Downloadables are a content type that contains marketing and practice management documents that FMG users can download. Unlike the other content in our Content Library, Downloadables are meant to be used outside our system. We offer several types of downloadables, including:

  • Presentations

  • Whitepapers/Ebooks

  • Event Kits

  • Letters

  • Scripts

  • Guides/How-tos

Unlike the whitepapers we offer in our Lead Gen Sections/Popups, these files will not be branded with your logo or profile information when you download them. You will have the ability to edit the content in the file once it is downloaded.

Note, if you do not see the Downloadable content type in your Content Library, your Broker Dealer may have temporarily chosen to opt out of using Downloadables.

How To Use Downloadable Content

To access and use Downloadables:

Accessing Downloadables

To access Downloadables, log in to your FMG admin account and navigate to Content Library > Downloadables.

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Filtering Downloadables

On your Downloadables tab, you'll find all the downloadable content that is available for you. You can use the dropdown menu to filter by Downloadable type.

Exploring Downloadables

To learn more about a specific Downloadable, click the "Details" button to see a short description and keywords associated with the piece.

You can click on a keyword to see related content.

Downloading Downloadables

To download a file, click "Download" either on the Details screen or below each Downloadable content piece. Your file will be immediately downloaded to your browser. Depending on the type of downloadable, your file will either be a directly editable file type (i.e., Word Document) or a zip file that includes instructions on how to edit your file type (i.e., PDF or PowerPoint Presentation).

How to Print a Presentation with Speaker Notes

To print a presentation with speaker notes, follow these steps:

  1. Open the presentation you would like to print.

  2. Click File > Print.

  3. Under Settings, click the second dropdown box (which defaults to say Full Page Slides) and choose Notes Pages. Notes Pages print one slide per page, with the speaker notes below.

  4. Click Print.

How Downloadables Work with Compliance

When a downloadable file is added to your Content Library, it is submitted to your compliance team simultaneously. This means you can download the files before your compliance approves them. If your compliance rejects the content, it will be removed from your Content Library. There are two categories of downloadable documents: Marketing Content and Non-Marketing Content.

Marketing Content

These are documents that are used for marketing purposes. These require approval by your compliance before you can use them publicly.

Not Reviewed by Compliance

When you download a file that your compliance has not reviewed, you'll see an "In Review" badge next to the downloadable file.

When downloading the file, you'll also see a "Pending Review" disclaimer. This means you still need approval from your compliance department before using it.

Approved by Compliance

If your compliance department has approved it, the "In Review" badge is removed.

When downloading the file, you'll also see a "Compliance Reminder" disclaimer. This means the file is approved as-is, but if you edit it (i.e., add your logo, or modify the text), you must resubmit it to your compliance department before using it.

Non-Marketing Content

These documents are not intended for use by the public or for marketing purposes. Hence they do not require compliance review. These files will download directly to your browser without the disclaimers shown above.

Some examples of this type of content are:

  • Interview questions or other scripts

  • Guides to marketing to different niches (doctors, lawyers, women, etc.)

  • Event kits & checklists (open house, golf events, etc.)

Your compliance will still be able to reject this type of content if they do not want to make it available to their advisors.