Publisher Admin | Scheduled Reminder Emails for Automations

How to use scheduled reminder emails for automations

Note: This feature is only applicable to Publisher Admin users who have access to send automated email campaigns.

Scheduled reminder emails for automations allow Publisher users to send notifications to subscribers about upcoming automated email campaigns. Using this feature can help to improve transparency and give subscribers the ability to review the content of scheduled campaigns before they are sent.

How to Use Scheduled Reminder Emails for Automations

  1. Sending Reminder Emails:

    • In your FMG admin dashboard, go to Manage > Automations on the left-side navigation. 
    • Locate the specific automation you want to send a reminder for.
    • Click on the ‘Send Reminder’ button to trigger the reminder email.
  2. When are Reminder Emails Sent?

    • Reminder emails are sent immediately once “Send Reminder" has been clicked on. They cannot be scheduled in advance.
  3. Recipients of Reminder Emails:

    • Advisors meeting the following criteria will receive a reminder email:
      • The corresponding Automation is currently active
      • Contacts are assigned to the Automation
      • Approval from the appropriate subscriber’s Compliance department

Information in Reminder Emails:unnamed - 2024-03-18T141237.468

  1. Publisher name (same as the “Author” in the Content Library)
  2. Automation name (Name of the automated Campaign)
  3. Hyperlinked email title (same as the title in the Content Library): Subscribers can preview the scheduled email by clicking on this link.
  4. Number of contacts in the user's selected Automation audience