We've given you the power to customize every section you add to your homepage and internal pages: whether you want to add a background image to a text section or to change the color of a button, our sectional editing tools help you make your website truly unique!

There are a lot of different sections available to you, but each one has a few common elements:

  1. Sort up/down: use these arrows to move your section up or down on the page. 

  2. Settings: this is a powerful section! Click the "gear" icon to find countless ways to customize your sections — from adding a background image or color, to changing text size and color, this settings section gives you the flexibility you need to make your pages your own!
    Note: go a little too far down the customization rabbit hole? You'll always have the option to revert back to the original settings on each tab!

  3. Copy: use this to create a duplicate of a particular section and give yourself a head start on a new section.

  4. Delete: remove the section from your page.

  5. Show/Hide: click the "eye" icon next to an element in your section to hide that element. You can, for example, choose to hide a button or headline. 

  6. Edit: click the "pencil" icon next to an element in your section to edit that element. 

  7. Show/Hide Stuff: use this section to quickly select certain elements to display or hide. You'll find these same settings under the "Settings" area of each section, but this is a quick way to simply "show" or "hide" certain elements. 

Note: You'll also see some "Quick Settings" on each section - these vary by section and can also be found under the "Settings" icon. We tried to put the settings you'd most likely want to adjust here, for quick access. 

To learn more about sectional editing, watch our webinar:

Webinar Wizardry: A Look at Your Website Tools

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