Looking for leads? Aren't we all! 

Our Attract™ users have several lead-gathering tools available to them, like our Referral Campaign and Content Gating feature. They can also add our ebook and quiz forms to any page on their site: 

Like the other sections available to you, you can edit nearly everything about these sections: from the background image to the text on the form.
Note: currently, you cannot offer your own content using one of these forms. For now, only FMG Suite-provided content is available to offer here. 

Browse all the content available to offer on your form by clicking "Change Featured Content:" 

The ebook your visitors download will be branded with your (1) contact information, (2) disclosure, and (3) logo.
Note: if your logo is white, navigate to Profile >> Logo and select to "use a dark background behind my logo when personalizing my ebook:"

Each time a visitor completes one of these forms, we will send you an email to let you know: 

We will also add your new contact to Email >> Contacts, with the source "Lead Generation:"

Watch our webinar: New Tools for New Leads

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