Adding a Lead Generation Section to a Page

How to capture leads with an ebook or quiz offer on a page on your site

Our Attract, Elevate, Website Suite, and Website Do It For Me clients have access to several lead-gathering tools, like our Referral Campaign and Content Gating feature. They can also add our eBook and quiz forms to any page on their site.


To add an eBook or quiz form section to a page on your site, click "+ Add Section" on a new or existing page:

In the "Add a new section" modal that opens, click "Forms," then select the form type you'd like to add to your page:


Like the other sections available, you can edit nearly everything about these sections: from the background image to the text on the form. Note: currently, you cannot offer your own content using one of these forms. For now, only FMG-provided content is available to offer here. 


After you've added the form section, you can:

  • Change Featured Content: Browse all the content available to offer on your form

  • Preview Feature Content: Preview the eBook or quiz


The eBook your visitors download will be branded with your contact information, disclosure, and logo.*

*Note: if your logo is white, navigate to Profile >> Logo and select "Use a dark background behind my logo when personalizing my ebook":


Each time a visitor completes one of these forms, we will send you an email to let you know.


We will add your new contact to Contacts>>Manage Contacts, with the source "Lead."