How to Use Sectional Editing

How to edit and customize the sections on your pages

Our sectional editing tools empower you to create a truly unique website by customizing every section of your homepage and internal pages. You can add a background image to a text section or change the color of a button, among other options.

Each section comes with a few common elements:

  1. Section Lock: Click the "lock" icon to lock or unlock the editing capability.

  2. Edit: Click anywhere within a text section to edit it.

  3. Add Section: Click on the "+" icon to add a new section.

  4. Custom CSS Settings: This is to code custom styles in a section. This is for advanced website coders.

  5. Sort Arrow: Use these arrows to move your section up or down on the page.

  6. Show/Hide Stuff: Use this to show/hide specific elements on sections that support this functionality.

  7. Settings: This is a powerful section! Click the "gear" icon to find countless ways to customize your sections — from adding a background image or color to changing the text size and color; this settings section gives you the flexibility to make your pages your own!

  8. Copy: Use this to duplicate a particular section and give yourself a head start on a new section.

  9. Delete: Remove the section from your page.