Adding a Boxes Section to a Page

How to add a row of two, three or four boxes to a page

To add a boxes section to a page on your site, click "+ Add Section" on a new or existing page:

In the "Add a new section" modal that opens, click "Boxes," then select the ideal number of boxes and layout for your section:

Note: Depending on your template, you may see a "Content Options" button at the top of your section. Those options allow you to feature FMG content in your section. Click here to learn more!

Click on the section to start editing:

If you change your mind and decide you need fewer boxes or would like a different layout, there's no need to start from scratch! Click the "gear" icon on your section to open the settings:

In the "Section Settings" modal that opens, you can edit your box options:

Once you've finished editing your page, save your changes as a draft by clicking "Save Draft." You can then "Preview Website" or "Publish" your changes.