How to Use Google Search Console for Resolving SEO Issues

How Google Search Console can help you resolve SEO issues.

When you check your site's reports in Google Search Console, you might notice some pages with error messages. These errors could be related to Google having trouble going through your site. Some errors impact how your pages appear in search results, while others don't affect your SEO ranking and can be disregarded. In this article, we will review common errors and warnings. 

This article covers crawl errors and warnings, as well as other errors that may appear in your Google Search Console, and how to resolve them. 

Note: Using Google Search Console requires verification of domain ownership. Click here to learn how to verify your domain ownership with Google Search Console. 

Crawl Errors and Warnings:

You can view crawl errors and warnings details in the Google Search Console's Pages section. If Google encounters a 404 or 5xx error, it means that it couldn't check your page and may exclude it from search results. On the other hand, errors like 'page resources couldn't be loaded' might not impact your page's SEO.

To learn more about a specific error, click on the article below:

Additional Error Messages 

Google Search Console can also assist in spotting errors that impact how easy it is to use your pages or reveal security concerns. For instance, you can use it to find problems that affect how well your site works on mobile devices.