Google Search Console | Submitted URL Marked 'Noindex' Error

If you submitted a request for Google to index a page and received the Submitted URL Marked 'noindex' error message, it means Google decided not to index your page or display it in search results.

The 'noindex' tag, added to a page's HTML code, tells search engines not to display it in search results. However, this error does not always mean there's a 'noindex' tag in your code. There are various reasons for this issue that you can easily check and resolve.

If you encounter the Submitted URL Marked 'noindex' error, follow these steps:

  1. Check the URL: Ensure you correctly submitted the page's URL for indexing. Make sure it matches an existing page on your site without a 404 or 5xx error.
  2. Ensure search engines can index your page and site: Verify that your site's pages aren't blocked from indexing, preventing Google from including them in search results. Click here to learn about page-specific SEO settings. 
  3. Check if the page is password-protected: Confirm that the page isn't restricted by a password, as this could also lead to a "noindex" tag in the page's code.
  4. Use the URL Inspection Tool: If the page is indexed and not password-protected, inspect the URL with Google's URL Inspection Tool to diagnose any issues hindering indexing.
  5. Check the Last Crawled date: Look at the Last read date in the Sitemaps report in Google Search Console. If it's more than a month old, the error message may no longer be relevant.
  6. Request Google to index the page: If after checking the above steps the page remains unindexed, request Google to index it by using the Request Indexing feature in the URL inspection tool.

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