Google Search Console | Fix Mobile Usability Issues

FMG website's mobile optimization meets Google's standards for mobile sites. If you've received a "Fix Mobile Usability" message, here's how you can address it:

Check Mobile Optimization: Ensure that your site's mobile optimization is enabled. If it's active, any error messages should gradually disappear.

Identify Affected URLs: If you're still getting the error message despite having mobile-friendly view enabled, follow these steps to find the affected URLs:

  • Go to your Google Search Console.
  • Click on Search Traffic.
  • Select Mobile Usability.
  • Review each 'Usability error' to see the affected URLs.
Resolve the Issue: There may be a design issue causing this error. Locate and edit the issue on your website. Once corrected, the problem should be resolved after Google crawls your site again.
Tips for Improving Mobile Friendliness: Here are some tips to enhance your website's mobile friendliness:
  • Simplify content, images, and buttons on each page for a clean, easy-to-navigate layout.
  • Avoid using images with people or action shots as webpage backgrounds.
  • Opt for easy-to-read fonts. Avoid intricate, very heavy, and very thin-weighted fonts.
  • Limit navigation menu items to 5-6 items for better usability.
Instant Mobile Usability Check: You can instantly assess your site's mobile usability using this link.
Seek Assistance: If you're unable to pinpoint and resolve the issue causing the error, feel free to contact us. Provide the specific URLs of the pages experiencing the error for further assistance.

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