Google Search Console | Discovered - Currently Not Indexed Error

When you review your site's coverage status report in Google Search Console, you might notice that Google has labeled some of your URLs as Discovered - Currently Not Indexed.

This means Google found the page but chose not to crawl it for search results right now. It doesn't necessarily indicate errors on your page. It could suggest that Google postponed crawling to prevent overloading your site or that the page's content quality needs improvement.

To address this issue, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check if Google can index the page by using the Test Live URL feature in Google's URL Inspection Tool.
  2. Organize your page's content into distinct categories or sections with unique text not found on other pages. Duplicate or very similar content across different pages can hinder indexing.
  3. Ensure your subpages organically integrate your keywords and have a clear connection to them.

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