Google Search Console | 404 Error

When you encounter a 404 error message, it means that a webpage or resource no longer exists.

If you notice a 404 error associated with a specific URL in your Google Search Console account, it's because the URL is pointing to a page that has been removed. This could happen if the page was deleted or if its URL was changed.

After a URL triggers a 404 error, Google will eventually remove it from its index. Once Google re-crawls your site and updates its database, these errors will no longer be visible in your Google Search Console account. In the meantime, you can mark these errors as 'fixed.'

If you receive a 404 error for a URL:

  • First, confirm if the page should be functioning. If you changed the page URL or deleted the page, it will not work, resulting in a 404 error. To resolve this, you can establish a 301 redirect.
  • If none of the above has occurred and the page should be operational but you still receive a 404 error, please contact us for assistance.

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