Google Search Console | "Page Resources Couldn't Be Loaded" Error

At times, you may encounter a "Page resources couldn't be loaded" error in Google Search Console when you click on View Tested Page and then open the More Info tab.

Google intentionally chooses not to load many resources. This is because, in practical terms, not all resources are necessary for Google to understand the page's content. For instance, images, custom fonts, and tracking pixels are often considered unnecessary for Google's analysis of a page.

Google manages resources in this way to optimize its processes and avoid overwhelming servers with unnecessary requests. However, this approach can sometimes lead to challenges:

  1. Some resources are categorized under "Other Error" status without a clear explanation that they have been skipped.
  2. Due to proactive skipping, Google may occasionally skip important resources, impacting the page's rendering.

Unfortunately, this skipping behavior is inherent to Google's system and cannot be directly controlled. The best approach is to ensure your page is resilient even when certain resources are missing. For example:

  • Include width and height attributes for images to maintain proper page layout.
  • Aim to reduce the number of resources to minimize skipping and enhance page completeness.

It's important to note that "Other Error" status can occasionally be caused by issues with the hosting server, connection timeouts, or 5xx status codes. 

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