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FAQs: MarketingPro Transition to FMG

Your questions – answered!

New Features & Functionality

Q: What features and functionality can I look forward to with FMG?

A: A ton! FMG’s tools are easy to use and all connected. That means you have ONE place for all the tools you plan to subscribe to — like email, social, event builder, website, content library, videos, and seamless compliance workflows. Our automations are easy, streamlined, and user-friendly. We even have an award-winning Mobile App to manage your marketing on the go! And, we offer advanced analytics to help you measure your efforts and a full content calendar to see what’s ahead.

Available Content

Q: What will happen to all of the MarketingPro content?

A: You'll find that we’ve rolled some of the best MarketingPro content into the FMG Content Library. Not all of the content made the move, but you’ll find excellent substitutes for the pieces you might be missing. I’ll send you a link to a help article that covers the content available in FMG. More information

Q: Does FMG offer printed Greeting Cards like MarketingPro?

A: Yes! You can order Greeting Cards in the “Greeting Cards” section of the FMG Content Library. More information

Q: How do I pay for printed Greeting Cards?

A: You can purchase Greeting Cards in the Content Library. You will see the cost for your order during the ordering process. At the end of each month, you will automatically be billed to the payment method you have on file.

Q: Will I have access to Postcards?

A: FMG does not offer postcards at this time.

Q: Is MarketingPro's Retirement In Sight on FMG?

A: FMG has an automated campaign called Retirement Insights! This campaign was inspired by MarketingPro’s successful Retirement In Sight newsletter, and we joined FMG’s and MarketingPro’s content to give you the best of both worlds!

The revamped Retirement Insights campaign will be automatically delivered via email every other month. It will feature topics like timely news, Social Security, and investment strategies for those nearing retirement or recently retired. More information

Q: Is MarketingPro’s Silver Lining Newsletter on FMG?

A: While MarketingPro’s Silver Lining is no longer available, we have two alternative options to choose from:

  • Printed Option: Seasonal Magazines (available at an additional cost) allow you to create your own branded seasonal magazines. More information

  • Email Option: FMG offers the fully-customizable Weekly Market Insights newsletter through our content library. In addition to a topline market summary, you can expect market index charts, timely stories, key economic data, and a heads-up on the week ahead. You also have the option to include helpful tax tips, healthy living advice, and entertaining details like riddles, quotes, and weekly photos. More information

Q: How do I send the MarketingPro weekly market commentary through FMG?

A: FMG offers Weekly Market Insights through our Content Library. The Weekly Market Insights is not automated but is available to customize and send every Monday from the FMG Mobile App or the desktop portal. More information

Q: Is the Weekly Market Insights automated?

A: The Weekly Market Insight is not automated at this time. We’ve received customer feedback for this request, and we’re looking at it as a possible future feature. More information

Q: Does FMG have a Quarterly Economic Update?

A: We provide a quarterly economic report as part of our Monthly Market Insights campaign. Every third month, the campaign will include a quarterly report. More Information

Q: Will I have access to Presentations?

A: If you have a Marketing Suite Essential, Marketing Suite Premium, Marketing Suite Do It For Me, Attract, or Elevate subscription, you’ll find FMG offers an even wider selection of presentations than MarketingPro, which are included with your FMG Content Library. What’s more, you can take your presentations to the next level using the Event Builder tool. You can use the Event Builder to promote events and follow up with clients and prospects after the event.

Campaigns & Automations

Q: Will I have access to Automated Campaigns?

A: FMG has a library of compliant email campaigns that are designed to save you time and keep your clients and prospects engaged. The availability of automated campaigns is dependent on your FMG subscription.

Q: How do I automate birthday emails in FMG?

A: If you have a Marketing Suite Premium, Marketing Suite Do It For Me, Marketing Suite Pro, Connect, or Attract subscription, you’ll find the automated birthday card campaign in the FMG Automated Marketing tab! The campaign will email one birthday card to each contact per year More information


Q: Can I sync my contacts from MarketingPro or a CRM?

A: Don't worry; you will not lose your Marketing Pro Contacts. You can easily sync your MarketingPro Contacts with FMG. FMG also syncs with the most popular CRMs, like Redtail, SalesForce, and Ebix. More information

Additional Questions?

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