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Is MarketingPro's Retirement In Sight on FMG?

FMG has an automated campaign called Retirement Insights. This campaign was inspired by MarketingPro’s successful Retirement In Sight newsletter, and we joined FMG’s and MarketingPro’s content to give you the best of both worlds!

The Retirement Insights campaign will be automatically delivered via email every other month and will feature topics like timely news, Social Security, and investment strategies for those nearing retirement or recently retired.

Finding the Retirement Insights Campaign

To find the automated Retirement Insights campaign, click Automated Marketing in the navigation panel on the left side of the library:

Here you can turn the campaign on using the toggle switch:

Use the “Configure” link to view settings:

Use the “View Performance” link to view past performance:

If You Don’t See the Retirement Insights Campaign

If you do not see the Retirement Insights campaign on your dashboard, please speak to a customer service representative about upgrading your package.