FMG Suite gives you plenty of easy ways to share your content with your contacts. From our Custom Email Builder to our Social Post Scheduler and blogging tools, we've given you the power to get your message out there!
... but sometimes you don't have a message to get out there. In that case, we can handle the message for you! 

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Marketing on Autopilot: FMG Suite's Automated Marketing Campaigns

Your automated campaigns were likely activated for you before you launched your website, but if not, there are a few simple steps you'll need to take to turn those campaigns on.

First, navigate to Automated Marketing in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard.

Left Nav Bar - Automated Marketing

Here, you can browse through the campaigns that are active or paused (if there are any) and the campaigns that are part of your plan that have not yet been activated: 

Hover over the campaign you're interested in for more info on that specific campaign.

See which campaigns are currently active and which are available to you to activate. You can easily toggle your available campaigns on and off.

Once you find the campaign you would like to activate, click "Configure" on the campaign:

Configure Campaigns

On the Configure Settings modal, you can choose who will receive this campaign by selecting "Send to all contacts" or "Send to groups" if you have created contact groups:

Note: "Send to all contacts" is the default selection, but you are able to change your audience at any time.

Choose your audience, save your changes, and — voila! — your campaign is up and running! 

You will receive an email before each campaign send, so you can preview the content going out and have the opportunity to "Pause" the campaign if you'd like. 

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