With our Social Post Scheduler, you have the power to post your own content to all of your social media accounts from your FMG Suite admin. Either post to your profiles immediately with a single click, or schedule your posts to go live throughout the week.

To post your custom content on social media, you first need to be sure you have connected your social media accounts to your admin. 

Click here to learn more about
integrating your social media accounts. 

Once your accounts are integrated and approved, navigate to Social >> Post on Social Media:

Here, you will:

  1. Enter the content of your post
  2. Upload any images that you'd like to include in your post
  3. Select the social media account(s) you'd like to post to
  4. Schedule your post to either go out immediately or at a later date

Watch the video below for a deeper dive into this tool!
Things have changed a bit since we recorded this video — we're always improvin' — but the concepts that Brandon covers are still in place:

Would you like some guidance on ideal image size for social media posts? Check out our handy guide

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