To stay up-to-date on activity in your FMG Suite admin, be sure you have enabled notifications. You can also choose to include other team members on these notifications, so you're not the only one in the loop! 

In your FMG Suite admin, click your name in the top right-hand corner and click Settings.

At the top of this page, you will see options to enable different email notifications and to add additional email addresses to receive these communications as well: 

  • Daily Digest - these emails will be sent only when there is activity to report, so not necessarily everyday! We'll notify you when there is compliance activity, new content added to the Content Library and new leads or contacts added to your admin. 

  • Campaign Notifications - enable these notifications to receive reminder emails to let you know when your campaigns will be sending.

You can add additional email addresses where you would like to receive these emails. 

After setting up your email notifications, you can enable self-managed compliance, if you choose. 

You'll also want to enable new FMG Suite content to be added to your site by selecting the box, located under Sync Content

Lastly, click "Save" to apply the changes to your Admin Notification settings. 

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