Creating a Pin-Protected Page

How to add a pin to a page on your website.

If you want to restrict access to a specific page on your website to a certain group of clients, you can add a pin-protected page. All you need to do is add a pin to the page and then share that pin with the clients who should have access.

To add a pin to an existing page:

  1. Navigate to Website > Pages, and open the page that you'd like to add the pin to:


  2. Locate the page you would like to add a pin to, and select Actions > Add Pin:


    Note: Pins can only be added to custom and syndicated pages.


  3. The pin number for the page will then appear in the "Pin" column.


  4. Share the pin and the page URL with the clients who need access.


  5. You can also add a pin by opening the page you'd like to apply the pin to. On the top right of the page, click the Page Actions dropdown menu and select "Add a popup":

Note that adding a pin does not require compliance approval. Once you add the pin, the changes will be live on your website.