Page-Specific Advanced SEO Settings

How to update the title and description tags on your pages.

At the bottom of every page in your admin, you will find SEO settings specific to that page under Advanced Settings.

Here, you can add a custom Title Tag and Description Tag. When you create the page, this content is generated automatically, but you can override that metadata here with your own content. 

  • Title Tag: this will automatically be populated with the "Page Headline" that you add to the top of your page. This title tag appears in two places: (1) the page's name on your browser tab and (2) on search engine results; this will be the page's name.

  • Description Tag: like the title tag, this content is automatically generated. We will display the first few sentences on this page as your description tag. This content is only visible on search engine results.

    • You may want to enter a custom description tag here to provide a summary of the content on the page, including any keywords or phrases that someone may search for, especially anything specific to your location.

      • For example, if a page was about financial planning, you could add a keyword phrase with "financial planning" in the description tag. You'll want to ensure your keyword phrase shows up at the beginning of the description tag as naturally as possible, such as "Let us help you with your financial planning process..."

  • Page Indexing: Under Page Indexing, you'll see a checkbox to Disable search engine indexing for this page. When this option is checked, it prevents search engines from crawling/indexing the page, and the page will not appear in search engine results. You may want to do this if you're building a page that you only want specific clients to access: perhaps you're putting together a page full of helpful resources that you'd like to send to your clients. 

How Title Tags and Description Tags Appear on Search Engine Results

This is an example of how title tags and description tags will appear on search results:

The above search results point to this page: