Social Media Integrations

How to connect your social media accounts to your admin

We make it easy to post library content and custom content to your social media accounts directly from your admin. To share to your social media accounts, you will first need to integrate your LinkedIn and/or Facebook accounts with your FMG admin.

How to Integrate Your Social Media Accounts

To integrate your social media accounts:

  1. First, navigate to Social > Manage Social Media:


  2. Here, you will see links prompting you to connect to each type of social media account:

    • Connect LinkedIn: You can have up to two LinkedIn profiles integrated.

    • Connect Facebook: You can integrate a single Facebook Page (Personal Profiles are not supported, due to restrictions on the Facebook API; click here to learn more about the differences between Pages, Profiles, and Groups)


  3. Once you click these links, a new window will open, asking for your username and password.* Enter your credentials to complete the integration.

    *Note: You may not be asked for these credentials if you're currently logged in to a social media account. In that case, confirm the integration.


  4. After you've entered your credentials, your social media integration will be submitted to compliance. Once approved by compliance, you will be able to:

Social Media Integration Statuses

Here is an overview of the statuses you may see on your social accounts:

  • Active: The integration is valid and approved

  • Pending: The integration is awaiting compliance review

  • Expired: Your integration has expired. Click the "Review" button to reintegrate your account. Note: Your social media connections may expire after 365 days. This is a security setting on the social networks' end, over which we have no control

  • Invalid: Your integration is no longer valid. If your password has changed, you can click on the "Review" button to either disconnect the account or renew the account

  • Rejected: The integration has been rejected by your compliance department. You can review the notes in your compliance folder