FMG Suite has made it easy to post library content and custom content to your social media accounts directly from your admin. Our Social Foundations campaign will even post automatically on your behalf — you don't have to lift a finger to maintain a consistent presence on your social media accounts. Cancel that Hootsuite subscription — you can get it all done right here!

In order to use these social media features, you first need to integrate your Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn accounts with your admin. 

First, be sure you have the necessary social media credentials handy. You will likely need those in order to complete these integrations.

Next, navigate to Social >> Connect Social Sites:

Connect Social Sites

You will see links prompting you to connect each type of social media account:

  • "Add Twitter Profile"
  • "Add Facebook Profile" (we integrate with Facebook Pages that are connected to a personal profile - we cannot integrate with pages that aren't linked to a profile) 
  • "Add LinkedIn Profile"

Once you click these links, a new window will open asking for your username and password. Enter your credentials to complete the integration.
Note: if you're currently logged in to a social media account, you may not be asked for these credentials. In that case, simply confirm the integration. 

After you've entered your credentials, your social media integration will be submitted to compliance. 

Once approved by compliance, you will be able to:

Note: your social media connections may expire after 60-90 days. This is a security setting on LinkedIn and Facebook's end over which we have no control. 

Hint: Be sure that you are subscribed to the Daily Digest to ensure you will
receive an email notification if an integration needs your attention!

If your social media connection has expired, you will see an "expired access token" on your "Connect Social Sites" page:

To reauthorize the expired account(s)...

  1. "Remove" the expired access token. Click "Remove" under the "Actions" column to the right. 
  2. Click "Add LinkedIn Profile" and enter your credentials to grant access. 
  3. Once you see "Granted" under the "Permissions" column, this integration is ready to be approved by compliance. 
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