Found a piece of content in the Content Library that you'd like to share on social media? Easy!

First, be sure that you have integrated the social media profiles to which you'd like to share. 

Next, navigate to the Content Library by clicking Content Library from the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard.

Left Nav Bar

Select "Share" next to the content you'd like to share:

Content Share

A pop-up window will launch where you can select to share the content via Social or Email. Select "Share on Social":

Share on Social

Here, you can preview your post, select which available integrated Social Networks you would like to share to, and customize your post by editing the following:

  • Text - Click in the box to change the message text

  • Link to an External Website - Enter the external link into the body of the email

Note: If you have multiple profiles from a social network connected, this content will be posted to all of those profiles. For example: if you have integrated two LinkedIn profiles and choose to share content to LinkedIn, the content will be posted to all three profiles. 

If everything looks good and you're ready to post, click "Schedule Post":

Choose when you would like your post to go live – post immediately or schedule for a future time.

Next, you will confirm your details. You can edit when the post will begin as well as view a final preview of your post. Everything looking suite? Click "Post" to get that message out there!

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