When you "Publish" an update to your website, you'll see that update listed in the "Compliance" section of your admin, ready to be reviewed and approved. Until that update is approved, your changes will not be reflected on your live site.
To get those changes approved and live, complete following steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Compliance" section of your admin 

  2. Either click "Download" on an individual update (to save a PDF documenting only that update) or click "Download All" to save a PDF showing all pending updates.

  3. Submit your documentation to your compliance department. 

  4. If any changes are requested by compliance, complete those changes and, if necessary, re-submit your updates to compliance. 

  5. Once approved by compliance, you can "Approve" your pending updates. 


Note: if you do not have self-managed compliance, the updates listed in the "Compliance" section of your admin have been automatically submitted to your compliance department. You do not need to complete the steps above. Please follow up with your compliance department about any outstanding updates that have not yet been approved. Click here to learn more about the Direct Compliance process. 

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