Step 1: Choose Your Content

The FMG Suite Mobile App is filled with timely content addressing current events, breaking news, holidays, and more! Scroll through the content feed to browse through emails or social posts available to share. You can click on any content piece to preview it.

Here are the types of content available in the App:

  1. Custom*: The Custom content section of the App contains timely emails and social content that our award-winning creative team publishes. You can find newsworthy, “current-events," holiday, and seasonal content here.

  2. Headlines**: This section contains Curator! Curator scours the web for fresh content from reputable sources, creating a personalized library of posts to share on social media and boost engagement.

Ready to share? Click on the "Share" button to continue.

*Currently, custom content can only be shared as-is using the App. You cannot edit content in the App before you share it. If you have content you'd like to edit, you'll have to access that content on your desktop.

**If you're sharing an article from the "Headlines" (Curator) section, you will be able to enter a comment prior to sharing on your social media page(s).

Step 2: Choose Your Audience & Schedule Your Send

Next, you'll choose your audience and schedule the send:

  1. Social Network* or Recipients**:

    • *Social Content: You can select which social networks you'd like to post to. By default, all of your integrated social networks will be selected. Click the pencil icon here if you'd like to select specific social networks to post to. Note, if you do not yet have your social networks integrated with your account, you will have to do that from your desktop.

    • **Email Content: You will have the option to send to all contacts or to specific groups

  2. Timing:

    • Send ASAP: The content piece will be shared as soon as possible, once it has been approved by compliance (if necessary)

    • Schedule a future date: The content piece will be sent on a future date you select, as long as it has been approved by compliance (if necessary)

  3. Compliance Status: Here, you will see the compliance status of the content piece

Step 3: Send

Once you are ready to share, swipe up to share. Your post will go through compliance approval (as applicable) and be sent to your contacts before you know it.

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Click here to learn more about how compliance works with the App.

Need additional help with the FMG Suite Mobile App? You can find more help articles here and FAQs here.

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