How Does Compliance Work in the App?

Compliance varies based on whether you have direct compliance or self-managed compliance. To learn how compliance works in the App, please read below.

Direct Compliance

For users with direct compliance, the content will follow the same compliance rules that we have in place on the desktop.

  • Social Posts

    • If your Program has social compliance enabled, the post will be submitted to compliance

    • If your Program has social compliance disabled, the post will skip compliance

  • Emails

    • If your Program has “Pre-Approved” the email, it will skip compliance

    • If your Program has not yet reviewed the email, it will be submitted to compliance

Self-Managed Compliance

For users that have self-managed compliance, you will get the following option when you send content that requires compliance approval from the App:

  • Approve Later

    • The case can be reviewed/approved from your desktop, just like today

    • The case can be reviewed and approved from the Mobile App Calendar. To approve the case through the App, go to the Calendar, access the item, and select the "Approve" button:


  • Approve Now

    • The compliance case will be approved - just like when you click "Approve" in Compliance on your desktop

    • The case will be visible in Compliance History. If necessary, you can access this case to download a PDF for compliance

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