FMG Mobile App FAQs

FMG Mobile App FAQs

What subscriptions are getting access to the App?

The App will be available for use with the following subscriptions:

  • Connect

  • Attract

  • Elevate

  • Marketing Suite Essential

  • Marketing Suite Premium

  • Marketing Suite Do It For Me

How do I log into the App?

Your login credentials for the App are the same as your FMG desktop login credentials. Having trouble finding your username or password? Click here.

Can I edit content using the App?

Currently, content in the App can only be shared as-is. If you wish to edit the content, please access it on your desktop.

What are the App's limitations?

The following cannot be completed using the App and can only be completed on your desktop:

  • Adding/Updating contacts (including syncing with a CRM)

  • Adding new social integrations

  • Completing website/profile setup

  • Activating/Pausing FMG Automations (these campaigns are located on your Automated Marketing page in the admin)

  • Sending emails to individual contacts

  • Canceling scheduled emails or social posts

  • Editing scheduled emails or social posts

What content is displayed in the Mobile App Calendar?

The following content will appear on the Mobile App Calendar*:

  • Automated social posts (Social Foundations, "Social Push," Monthly Market Insights)

    • Social Foundations posts cannot be previewed from the Calendar, but they will appear in the Calendar

    • Monthly Market Insights posts will only appear in the Marketing Calendar after they have been sent

  • Custom emails

  • Email Sequences

  • Custom social posts

  • Content Library social posts

  • Social Sequences

  • Blog Post social posts

How many push notifications can I expect per week?

Turn on app notifications, and we will send you a notification approximately two or three times per week to alert you when new content is available for sharing.

Can I use the App on my Apple iPad?

Yes, the App is compatible with iPad. However, the App was designed and optimized for mobile devices.

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