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Custom Domain for Email Delivery
Custom Domain for Email Delivery
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One of the best ways to increase open and inboxing rates on your emails is to make sure your emails are coming directly from you.

By default, when you send emails through your admin, those emails are sent "via" FMG and may be flagged as Spam or Promotional messages by some email providers. 

You can update your DNS to send emails through FMG from your own email address using the steps below.

  1. Verify Your Email Address: We need to confirm that you have access to the email address you'd like to verify. We'll do that by sending you an email and asking you to confirm access from there

  2. Add DNS Records: We'll show you the records that will need to be added to your DNS provider

  3. Confirm DNS Records: You will confirm those records are in place. After these records are confirmed, you can expect all emails to be sent from your email address!

  4. Additional DNS Notes: Important notes about your DNS updates

Verify Your Email Address

We need to check that your profile email address is valid and hosted at a domain you can access. This keeps sent emails out of spam folders and protects your reputation by ensuring others can't use your domain without permission.

To verify your profile email address, click your name in the top right-hand corner and click Settings:

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and under Custom Domain for Email Delivery, you will see your Profile Email address. This is the address used to send emails on your behalf currently, and this is the email address we'll be updating the records for.

Note: If this email address has not yet been approved, you'll see it marked as "Pending." You'll need to wait until this is approved before starting this process!

Click "Send Verification Email" under "Actions." This will trigger an email to the profile email listed.

Add DNS Records

Check your inbox for an email with the subject Domain Verification. Open that email and click "Verify this domain":

You'll be directed back to your FMG admin, where we will display the TXT and CNAME* records you'll need to add to your email domain: 

*It is not required that you add this CNAME, but without this record, we won't be able to report on open and click-through rates!

Either copy these records and share them with your IT department or log in to your DNS provider and complete these updates on your own. 

Reminder: you can always access these records by clicking "Authenticate" (or "View") on this section.

Confirm DNS Records

Once these records have been updated, navigate back to your Settings page and click "Authenticate":

If all the necessary records are in place, you'll see green checkmarks alongside each record, and the status of your domain will update to "Authenticated." 

When your domain is "Authenticated," you can expect ALL of your emails to be sent from your email address: custom emails, campaign emails, and even automated form follow-ups! 

If you change your primary email address, you'll need to complete these steps again. If the new email address has the same domain, you only need to complete the first step: sending yourself the verification email.

Once you click "Verify this domain," you should see the necessary records on your domain, and your email address should be "Authenticated" immediately! 

Additional DNS Notes

Here are some important things to note about these updates: 

  1. If you currently have an SPF record, you should not add a new one! Instead, you'll need to add FMG to your existing SPF record.
    Add the following to that record: ~all
    (~all may already be in place on your existing record - be sure to leave that in place, or add it here!)

  2. For the second TXT record, most registrars only require you to add just the "mx._domainkey", for example.

  3. If you already have this CNAME in place (, give us a call, and we can help generate another CNAME for you! 

    Click here for information on how to find your DNS provider.

Need some guidance on how to make these updates? We've got you covered!

Note: Incorrect modification of DNS records can cause email failure and may result in your website going down. If you need assistance, our Service team is here to help!

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