Getting referrals from your current clients is a great way to gather solid leads. This is an opportunity to get the contact information for people who are in your community and have been, basically, "vetted" by their friends, colleagues, or neighbors.
.... but we know it can be a bit awkward!

We'll handle all the cringe-worthy communications (without the cringe) so you can just sit back and watch the referrals come in!

Activate the Campaign

To activate this campaign, navigate to Automated Marketing in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard:

Here, you can locate the Referral Sequence campaign and toggle the campaign on:

Like other Automated Marketing Campaigns, we'll send you an email before your campaign emails are sent to your contacts.* A preview of the message will be included in that email. We've also compiled a PDF of all the emails here!

*Be sure you're signed up to receive campaign notifications! Click here for more info on those notifications.

How the Referral Campaign Works

Quarterly Emails

At the start of each quarter, we'll send an email to your contacts requesting a referral. In that email, we'll link to your landing page so that your contacts can easily submit referrals.

Preview the Campaign Email

Click the button below to preview the emails that will be sent to your contacts as part of this campaign.

Campaign Audience

Like our other campaigns, it's up to you to choose the audience for these emails. Need a reminder on building your campaign audience? Click here to learn more!

Landing Page

Available exclusively to Attract™ and Elevate™ clients, this campaign goes above and beyond other automated campaigns by adding a new page to your site automatically. This new page contains the form that your clients will complete in order to provide you with their friend's contact information:

Once your compliance department approves the content available in this campaign, this page will become available on your site. 

The URL for this page is:

Note: this page will not be added to your site's navigation automatically. You are welcome to add this page to your menu or as a button on your website header - wherever you'd like to use this link, go ahead! 


Once the form on your landing page is completed, we'll send you an email to let you know you've got a new referral. We'll let you know who referred them and how you can contact them. 

To see who has been referred to you, and who has been kind enough to offer these referrals, you can navigate to Website >> Referrals

We'll also keep this information in the "Source" column on your Contacts page:

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