Alright! You’re almost live with the most sophisticated marketing tools in the financial services industry.

Once your key content items — like your profile and disclosure(s) — have been approved by compliance, your site can go live. You must make sure your domain name is pointing to the FMG server. We strongly suggest that you send an email to with the username and password for the domain account. That way, our domain team can update your settings.

If you work closely with an IT Department and want to do the work yourself, several records must be changed to connect your domain. We strongly recommend that you or your IT team make a complete copy of your existing DNS zone records before you make any changes to these settings. That way, you can recreate the original records in case of an error. 

Do you need to transfer your domain from Emerald to FMG?

Click here to watch a video on how to complete this process in a few simple steps!

In your FMG admin, navigate to Website >> Settings. Look for the "Need Website URL Help?" link. That link will provide you with all the necessary DNS information you'll need to pass on to your IT department:

You’re not quite done yet: 

  1. Once pointing to the FMG server, your domain will show as “Available” on this Website Settings page. To activate the domain, click the “Primary” radio button to select your live website's primary location. Until the status on your domain has changed to "Available," you cannot go live. Be sure your DNS settings have been updated correctly, then check back frequently to see if that status has changed. It may take up to 48 hours for your DNS updates to go live and for your domain to appear "Available" on this settings screen. 

  2. One last step: Click the "Website Live" toggle to active your website:

Congratulations, your site will now be live!

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