Assigning Contacts to Groups

How to segment contacts to send targeted communications

Segmenting your contacts into groups allows you to send targeted communications to your clients and prospects. Say you only want to send your Video of the Month campaign to a particular set of contacts, or you'd like to send a custom email to contacts in a certain city or neighborhood. Add those contacts to a group, and you can quickly send messages to just those contacts. 

Click here for more information on updating your campaign's audience. 

There are two ways to assign contacts to a group:


Import a CSV

If you already have many contacts in your admin and would like to assign a chunk of them to a new group, it's easiest to export your contacts, update the CSV and import your contacts to update them.


  2. On the Contacts page, click the gear icon and select the option to "Export CSV." All your contacts will be exported, and a CSV downloaded to your browser.


  3. Open your CSV and find the "Groups" column. Add your new group(s) to this column, separated by a comma.

    You can add a user to as many groups as you need - include them all in the "Groups" column and be sure to separate each group name with a comma.
    You may need to add a "Groups" column to your CSV if you don't have any groups set up yet. 


  4. Save your CSV, navigate back to the Contacts page, click the gear icon, and this time select "Import CSV."


    • Drag and drop your CSV file or click "Browse Files" to search for the file

    • Select "Update and add to existing contacts"

    • Click "Upload" when you are ready to proceed

      An "Import Your Contacts" modal will open where you will:


  5. Map your imported CSV: Here, you are assigning the various columns in your CSV to the available contact fields in your admin. To the right of this table, you'll see a preview showing how the settings here apply to your import. Make sure to map your group column.


Manually Assign Contacts to a Group

To manually assign contact(s) to a group:

  1. Select the user(s) you want to add to your group by clicking on the checkbox next to their name:

    Note: You can do this multiple times—no need to find/select all the applicable users at once.

  2. Click "Add to Group" and either assign the users to an existing group or create a brand new group.