How to Add and Manage Team Members on Your Website

How to add and delete your team members

As your business grows, you may need to add new team members to your website to showcase your talented staff. Fortunately, adding and managing team members on your website is easy. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  1. Navigate to the Team Members Page

    To begin, log into your FMG admin and navigate to Website > Team Members in the left menu.


  2. Add a New Team Member

    To add a new team member, click the "Add Members" button:


    This will launch a form where you can enter the new team member's biographical information. Be sure to include the team member's name, job title, and a brief bio. You can also add their contact information, social media links, and a profile picture. The profile picture should not be larger than 5MB. If you need help resizing an image, click here.


  3. Group Team Members

    If you want to group team members together, select the team members you want to group and click "Add to Group." This will allow you to create Team pages or sections that only display the group of team members you've selected.


  4. Manage Team Members

    1. Delete Team Members: To remove a team member, simply select the team member from the table and click "Delete." You can also select multiple team members by clicking the checkbox at the top of the table.

    2. Edit Team Member's Information: You can edit a team member's information by clicking on their name and making changes.


  5. Customize the Display of Team Members

    When building your team page, you can choose which profile details are displayed in the "Show/Hide Stuff" section. This allows you to customize how your team members are presented on your website. To learn more about building a Team page, click here.