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Are Custom Drip Campaigns Available in FMG?

FMG offers a variety of email sequences and social sequences in your Content Library. After you select a sequence to share, just choose your audience* and schedule your send! We'll do the rest of the work for you.

*Note: With FMG you will need to select a group to send the sequence to. Contacts cannot be added once a sequence has been scheduled.


Email Sequences

Email sequences allow you to connect regularly and more deeply with your clients. By their nature, emails have more room to dive deep into topics that are personal and relevant to your clients. Use email sequences to welcome new clients, check in with your current clients, and show off your know-how with a series of educational emails.

Click here to learn more about accessing, editing, and sending email sequences.

Social Sequences

Social sequences are a great way to show your personality off to your clients and prospects and to engage with them on a deeper level. Social sequences take away the tedium of creating individual social media posts while also making sure you’re regularly posting to social media. Your content library is chock full of social sequences that cover everything from sports to health and fitness as you age, so jump in and let your personality shine.

Click here to learn more about social sequences.