Email Sequences

How to access, edit, and send email sequences from the Content Library

Email Sequences are a series of emails on a single topic that can be scheduled to be sent over a period of time. They make it easy to stay in touch with your audience and provide relevant information in a structured and timely manner.

How to Share Email Sequences

To access and share agency-created email sequences:

  1. Accessing Email Sequences

    To access email sequences, log in to your FMG admin account and navigate to Content Library > Emails.

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  2. Sorting and Filtering for Email Sequences

    1. Sort: You can sort by type to view email sequences. You can also sort the content by title or author.

    2. Filters: Use the Filters dropdown menu to filter for the content type email sequences.

  3. Exploring and Selecting an Email Sequence to Share

    To learn more about a specific email sequence, click the content title or "Details." Here you will see a short description, preview image, and keywords associated with the piece.

    When you're ready to share an email sequence, click "Use Sequence."

  4. Preview and Edit Email Sequence

      • Preview Email: Click "Preview Email" to preview each email

      • Down Arrow Icon: Move the email down

      • Pencil Icon: Edit the email

      • Trash Icon: Remove the email from the email sequence

      • Number*: You can edit the wait period between sends (in days).


        Compliance Notes

        • In most cases, compliance approval is necessary before sending out email sequences.

        • Certain programs and agencies may pre-approve agency-created email sequences for use as-is. However, any modifications will prompt a compliance review prior to sending.

        • When utilizing a pre-approved email sequence as-is (with no changes to the email content), adjusting the wait time between emails does not require compliance approval.

  5. Schedule Email Sequence

    1. Schedule Sequence: When you're ready to share the email sequence, click "Schedule Sequence."

    2. Select Your Audience: Choose to send to all your contacts, a group, or an individual.

    3. Choose Send Date: Once you've selected your audience, you will choose when to send your email. You can either:

      • Send immediately: Your email will be sent as soon as it's approved by compliance.

      • Schedule a future date: Your email will be sent at a future date of your choosing as long as it's been approved by compliance (if not approved in time, your email will not send).

    4. Confirm: Double-check your details to make sure everything looks okay. Click "Send Sequence" to schedule your email sequence.

    *If you have edited the Email Sequence and think you will want to use it again in the future, place a checkmark here to save it as a Prewritten Sequence! It will then appear in the Content Libary > Emails section under Email Sequences for future use.

  6. View Your Shared & Scheduled Email Sequences

    You can go to Email > Sent & Scheduled to view your shared and scheduled email sequences. Here you can view previously shared emails as well as scheduled emails. Click on the email subject line to view the email, and you will also have the option to delete an email before it is sent. You cannot currently edit an email that is part of a sequence before it's sent.