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Compliance Settings Page
An overview of the Compliance Settings page for compliance officers
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The Settings page within the Compliance dashboard allows a compliance officer to set up various program configuration options.

Automatic Content Publishing

Enable Automatic Content Publishing for content that has been submitted to FINRA. This will save you the trouble of being required to pre-review the vast majority of content produced by FMG.

  • Toggle this off to manually review/approve each piece of content that is added in the Library section of the compliance dashboard.

Compliance Review for Social Media Posts

Enable Compliance Review for social media posts. Compliance cases will be created for all custom social media posts when enabled.

  • Toggle this on/off to review and approve any Social Posts created in FMG.

Email Notifications

Add the email addresses you would like to receive the following notifications. Add one email address per line.

  • Subscriber Email Writebacks: Every email an FMG subscriber sends, they will automatically receive a BCC copy of that email and a list of any recipients the email was sent to. Adding an email address in this box will send that same BCC email the user receives.

  • Website Form Submissions: When someone visits an FMG website and fills out the Contact Us or Ask a Question form, the FMG user will receive a notification with the form submission details. Adding an email address in this box will send a copy of the form submission to that email address.

  • New FMG Content: Will generate an email notification any time FMG adds new content into the Library section of the compliance dashboard

  • Website Archive PDF Copies: Anytime an FMG website changes as a result of a recent approval, FMG will generate an archive PDF of the entire website. FMG will store that archive PDF under the user's Subscriber Detail page. If you want to receive a copy of each Archive PDF, plug in an email address in the box.

  • Daily Digest: Enable this feature to receive a daily digest email that summarizes compliance activity to your account email


The options selected below affect all of your advisors' websites. Here is our help article on various BrokerCheck options.

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