Subscriber Detail Page

An overview of the Subscriber Detail page for compliance officers

Note: This article is only applicable to Compliance Admin users


The FMG platform will automatically generate a new PDF archive of the entire website anytime the live website changes. Website archives are generated late in the evening and can be accessed from the Subscriber Detail page.


The impersonate function allows a compliance officer to “Impersonate”, or log in to any FMG user's dashboard.


The activity function allows a compliance officer to view user account activity for a specific date range. However, if a compliance officer is looking for an official Compliance Activity report, please email

Subscriber Website Status

The Subscriber Website Status allows a compliance officer to turn on or off a website. Selecting the Disabled radio button will immediately take the website down to the public. Once a website is disabled, it can only be turned back on by selecting the ‘Active’ radio button.