How to Add a Social Share Image

How to add a preview image for a page when shared on social networks

You can add a social share image to your homepage or any of your custom pages. To add a social share image to a page, first, navigate to the page you would like to have it added. You will find the Social Share settings located under Advanced Settings:


Here, you can upload a social share image for the page. An image is not specifically selected for a preview image when you create a page, but you can select and upload a preview image here.

  • Social Share Image: You can upload the image (or remove a previously uploaded image) you would like to use as the page preview when you share the page to your social networks.

  • Preview: This shows a preview of the image that will be used when sharing this page to social networks.

  • Title Tag: This is automatically populated with the "Page Headline" that you add to the top of your page. It is a marketing best practice to personalize the "Title Tag" and "Description Tag." This can be done in the SEO Settings tab (also under the Advanced Settings), and updates to the title and description will be reflected in the Social Share Tab preview. See the screenshots below.

SEO Settings

Social Share Preview


If you have uploaded a social share image and it is not showing up when the page is shared, an old preview image is likely being cached by social networks. Click here to learn how to get this updated!