Your website is more than just a website. It's also a powerful marketing tool designed to help you reach new contacts. Lead Generation Popups are a powerful tool that you can enable to generate more new leads than ever before. 

Popups are a new lead generation tool at your disposal. When a user visits a page where you have a Lead Generation Popup enabled, they receive a message that "pops up", prompting them to enter their contact information. A Lead Generation Popup is similar to the form that appears on a page where Page Gating is enabled except that a Popup can be dismissed while the page gating contact form cannot be. Consider Page Gating and Lead Generation Pops to be like the nuts and bolts in your lead generation toolbox. 

To enable Lead Generation Popups, navigate to your admin and click Website, located under Marketing Tools, on the left side of your dashboard. Choose Popups from the list. Please note, Lead Generation Popups may not be included in your subscription. 

On the Lead Generation Page, you will see the popup options available to you along with a link to preview the popup before setting it live. 

The Lead Generation Popups available to you depend on compliance approval. You may not have access to all options

To turn a Popup on, click Enable Popup. After enabling a Popup, you can customize where and when it will be shown. You can always change these settings by clicking the Configure Popup button on an active Popup. 

You can also add Lead Generation Popups directly to your website pages. To do so, first head to your admin and click Website, located under Marketing Tools, on the right side of your dashboard and select Pages.

Choose the page that you would like to enable your popup on and click Add a Popup

Select the Lead Generation Popup that you'd like to enable from the list. If you'd like see the Popup before turning it on, just click Preview. When you are ready to turn the Popup on, click Publish Popup

You can always edit the settings for that Popup by clicking the Configure Popup button. 

As new visitors enter their contact information in the Lead Generation Popup form, these new leads will be added to your contact manager.

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