How to Use Downloadable Instagram Posts and Carousels

While the new Instagram carousel template can be used effectively as is, it also offers the flexibility to personalize it with your logo, brand colors, and messaging. If you prefer to post right away without any modifications, click here for instructions.

If you want to make this carousel uniquely yours, however, we recommend creating a free Canva account by clicking here and continue reading for further instructions.

How to Edit Your Carousel

  1. Download the carousel from the Content Library.

  2. Open the zip file on your computer. You can open the images to preview them, and when you're ready to edit, click "open-in-canva.html" to open the carousel template in Canva:

  3. The template will open in Canva. Click on the "Use template" button to continue.

    GIF showing what happens when you open a Canva template link.
  4. Next, you can edit the images by adding your logo or brand colors.

    GIF showing the process of adding a logo to a design in Canva.
    GIF showing the process of editing colors of a design in Canva.
  5. Once your design is ready, you can post it to Instagram (or the social media channel of your choice). In Canva, click on the top corner above the editor and then navigate to Share > Share on social:

    GIF showing the process of how post a design from Canva to Instagram.
  6. Select Publish your post.

💡 Tip: Try publicizing your post through your other social media channels to drive cross-channel traffic.

How to Post Your Carousel to Instagram Without Editing

To post to Instagram without editing the template, log into Instagram on your desktop and create a new post. Need a refresher? We have you covered.

  1. Open Instagram and select Add Post.

  2. In the bottom right corner of the app, select Multiple-Image Post before continuing on.

  3. Select the images you downloaded from the FMG Content Library.

  4. After making any further edits within Instagram, select Share to set your post live.