Found a piece of content in the Content Library that you'd like to share via email?

First, navigate to the Content Library by clicking Content Library from the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard.

Next, select "Share" next to the content you'd like to share:

A pop-up window will launch where you can select to share the content via Social or Email. Select "Share on Email":

Next, you will be taken to your Custom Email Builder, with the content loaded and ready to Edit* or Send As-Is:

*If you send the email as-is, your email will not need to go through compliance. If, however, you choose to edit the contents of the email, your message will need to be approved by compliance before it's sent to your contacts.

Each featured content section includes an editable:

  1. Headline - like other custom and campaign emails, the style of this headline is determined by your "Edit Email Design" settings.

  2. Image

  3. Short summary

  4. Button - you cannot edit the link attached to this button, only the button text. This button will link to the selected content piece on your website.
    Also, like other emails, the style of this button is determined by your "Edit Email Design" settings

Now you can add additional content to your email or schedule your message to go out to whomever you'd like, whenever you want! 

Note: if you do not have access to the Custom Email Builder, you will see the popup below appear on your Content Library when you click "Share by Email." Simply select your audience and your email will be sent right away!

Starting from a blank email...

You can also add a "Featured Content" or "Multi-Content" section to any custom email! Want to share multiple items from your Content Library in one email? Easy! Want to share a recent blog post you published, alongside a relevant video from your library? No problem! 

Click here to learn more about how to add library content to your custom emails!

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