Updating Your Location

How to update your office contact information

The location listed on your website is powered by two sections in your admin:

  • Contact Information: The mailing address you have listed here will appear on your:

    • Website Footer

    • Email Signature

  • Locations: The location(s) entered here will populate on:

    • The Contact page on your website. If you have multiple locations, they will all display on the Contact page.

    • Your website header, if a header is selected that displays location information.

Continue reading to learn more about each of these sections.

Contact Information

The mailing address listed on the Profile>>Contact Information page controls the address displayed in your website footer and email signature

Note: The mailing address you have listed here will populate on your website's Contact page if no location is added on your admin's Profile>>Locations page.


The location(s) listed on the Profile>>Locations page controls the address(es) that appears on your website's Contact page and your website header.

Contact Page

For each location that you add to the Profile>>Locations page, the following information will be added to the Contact page on your website:

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Fax number

  • Hours

  • Google map (automatically generated)

If more than one location is added, you'll have the option to set one as the "primary" location. The primary location will appear at the top of your Contact page. 

Website Header

You can choose to select a website header that displays your location information.

  • If you select a website header that displays your location information, you must have a published location on the Profile>>Location page.

  • Note that some headers can display up to two locations' information.