Weekly Market Insights (WMI) Riddle Answer

The riddle answer for the last few weeks can be found below. The answer is also listed in the Riddle section of the following week's WMI.

WMI Riddle: 06/17

  • Riddle: It can be told, made, cracked, and played. What is it?  
  • Riddle Answer: A joke.

WMI Riddle: 06/10

  • Riddle: You hold a sheet of cellophane. Fully unfolded, it is 3 feet long by 2 feet wide. How can you get two people to stand on it (fully unfolded) so they can't touch or see each other?
  • Riddle Answer: Slide the fully unfolded sheet under a door (or a sufficiently large partition that is not transparent or opaque) and have each person stand on the sheet on either side of the door or partition.

WMI Riddle: 06/03

  • Riddle: What runs around a field but doesn’t move?
  • Riddle Answer: A fence. 

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