Keep your contacts up to date by syncing your Salesforce account with your FMG Suite admin.

First, navigate to Contacts >> Manage Contacts in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard:

On the top of the Contacts page, under Import Your Contacts, click "Sync Salesforce":

Have your credentials ready – you'll be asked to log in to your Salesforce account when you click "Sync Salesforce." This is a one-time authentication process that allows us to successfully sync with Salesforce.

Salesforce CRM Sync

Enter in your Salesforce Username and Password and click "Log In":

Next, allow FMG Suite access to your data by clicking "Allow":

The Salesforce Sync Report looks for three categories: Leads, Campaigns, and Contacts. If a field had been renamed in Salesforce, then the system doesn't know where to get the correct data. To filter the sync via a set of Salesforce Campaigns we will count the number of Campaigns. If there are none, then you cannot filter by Campaigns. Click "Continue":

You can choose which of your contacts from Salesforce to add to FMG Suite. Choose to either sync all of your contacts and campaigns or only specified campaigns and their associated contacts. To update your contacts automatically at the end of each day (recommended), enable automatic syncing by checking the box next to “Automatically sync with Salesforce at the end of each day":

Salesforce Synchronization

During the syncing process, all of your contacts in your admin will be replaced with your Salesforce contacts. If you have any contacts in FMG Suite that are not in Salesforce, export your FMG contacts and add them to Salesforce prior to syncing. Ready to sync your contacts? Click "Got It, Sync With Salesforce":

Contacts in Admin Will Be Replaced by Salesforce Contacts


  • If your version of Salesforce supports "Lead" type contacts, then we write a Lead to Salesforce when a form is completed.

  • If Leads are not supported, we do not save Form Fillouts to your Salesforce.

Having difficulty connecting your Salesforce CRM with your admin?

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