Are you having difficulty connecting your Salesforce account with your FMG Suite admin? Read on for an explanation of common Salesforce sync issues. 

API Access

Salesforce Sync Report Error

If you see the message below, your version of Salesforce doesn’t support API integration. We depend on the API integration to get data from Salesforce into our system and without this, we're unable to connect.

As part of the setup process, our system validates that your data is formatted correctly so that it can be read and counted. We are basically telling your admin what to look for in Salesforce.

The validation report looks for three categories: Leads, Campaigns, and Contacts. If a field had been renamed in Salesforce, then the system doesn't know where to get the correct data. To filter the sync via a set of Salesforce Campaigns we will count the number of Campaigns. If there are none, then you cannot filter by Campaigns.

Exiting Before Completing Setup

If you close your browser window or navigate away from the integration progress, your sync status is "on hold" until you finish the setup. Click Continue Setup and the system will open the Synchronization Settings. If you cancel the Salesforce Setup, the integration will be disconnected. 

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